10 Best Cordless Framing Nailer 2021

Best Overall
Metabo HPT NR1890DCS Cordless Framing Nailer Kit
Metabo HPT NR1890DCS Cordless Framing Nailer Kit
Best Performance
Paslode 905600 Cordless XP Framing Nailer
Paslode 905600 Cordless XP Framing Nailer
Best Quality
BOSTITCH 20V MAX BCF30PTB Cordless Framing Nailer
BOSTITCH 20V MAX BCF30PTB Cordless Framing Nailer

Linking two pieces of wood together by the simple press of the framing nailer has made the framer job easier. The framing nailer discharge the nails as the user pull the trigger. You can find air-powered, electric-powered, and cordless framing nailers in the market. 

Cordless framing nailers bring freedom of use and mobility for structural building projects. The carpenters, framers, and DIYers adore the convenience and performance of the cordless framing nailer. 

Although, the pneumatic framing nailers are widely used due to their consistency and rapid power. Yet, cordless framing nailers are also becoming popular due to their zero ramp-up time, powerful drive, and maneuverability. 

Recent research shows that the Pro and DIYer rapidly replace the conventional hammers with the cordless framing nailer. People thought twice to use the hammer even to insert a single nail. 

Let’s have a look at the top 10 best cordless framing nailers available in the market to be at your doorstep. 

The Best Cordless Framing Nailer Comparison Table

Metabo HPT NR1890DCS Cordless Framing Nailer Kit Metabo HPT NR1890DCS Cordless Framing Nailer Kit
  • Battery Type: 18V, 3.0 Ah Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Nails per charge: 400 nails per charge
  • Weight: 9.9 pounds
  • Dimension: 13.5 x 5 x 12.18 inches
Paslode 905600 Cordless XP Framing Nailer Paslode 905600 Cordless XP Framing Nailer
  • Battery Type: 7V Li-ion Battery
  • Nails per charge: 9,000 nails per charge
  • Weight: 13.5 pounds
  • Dimension: 18.25 x 17 x 6 inches
BOSTITCH 20V MAX BCF30PTB Cordless Framing Nailer BOSTITCH 20V MAX BCF30PTB Cordless Framing Nailer
  • Battery Type: 20V Li-ion Battery
  • Nails per charge: 600-800 nails per-charge
  • Weight: 8.1 pounds
  • Dimension: ‎14 x 13.4 x 4 inches
Metabo HPT NR1890DRS Cordless Framing Nailer Kit Metabo HPT NR1890DRS Cordless Framing Nailer Kit
  • Battery Type: 18V, 3.0Ah Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Nails per charge: 400 Nails per charge
  • Weight: ‎10.1 pounds
  • Dimension: 13.5 x 5.38 x 13.5 inches
SENCO F-35XP Cordless Pneumatic Framing Nailer SENCO F-35XP Cordless Pneumatic Framing Nailer
  • Battery Type: (2) 3.0 Ah Li-Ion Extended Life Batteries
  • Nails per charge: N/A
  • Weight: 19.71 pounds
  • Dimension: 14 x 5.5 x 14.4 inches

The 10 Best Cordless Framing Nailer 2021

Best Overall
Metabo HPT NR1890DCS Cordless Framing Nailer Kit

Metabo HPT NR1890DCS Cordless Framing Nailer Kit

  • Pneumatic power
  • Jobsite versatility
  • Drives 400 nails per charge
  • Ideal for all construction framing applications
  • Tool-less depth of drive adjustment
  • Unique air spring drive system

Metabo may sound like a new brand to you. But, it is not! Hitachi is the former name of the brand. Later, the company improved and renamed itself Metabo. The brand has gained a great reputation for its top-notch quality power tools. Let’s explore one of its most demanding models known as Metabo HPT Cordless Framing Nailer Kit.

The framing nailer is equipped with an air spring drive mechanism. In this type of nail gun, the air is compressed and stored in a chamber, and released as you pull the trigger. 

Furthermore, the NR1890DCS has a brushless motor to drive the mechanism. Leading to less maintenance, efficient drive, longer run time, and durability. The powerful motor lets you drive the nails sizing up to 3-1/2 inches. 

You can drive 400 nails by a single change. Although, this is not the highest one but the absolute one for the framers. I must tell you that this model will help you reduce the operating costs up to 25% as compared to the other models. 

The other advanced feature of this model is the push buttons to swap the bump and sequential modes. In order to achieve accurate results it has the pivot hock, dry-fire lockout, and tool-free nail adjustments.


  • 2 nails per second speed
  • Consistent nail flush 
  • Durable and sturdy


  • A bit heavy 

Best Performance
Paslode 905600 Cordless XP Framing Nailer

Paslode 905600 Cordless XP Framing Nailer

  • Increased Productivity
  • Works in temperatures down to 14°F
  • Lightweight
  • better comfort and control while working overhead or in tight spaces
  • Compact design
  • Less standing nails and better drive performance

Here we come with one of the best cordless framing nailers that have exceptional performance and durability. Yes! You can nail about 9000 nails with a single charge of a 7-volts Li-ion battery. 

I recommend this model for heavy-duty construction projects to avail its effectiveness throughout the hardcore project. This model has 50% more run time as compared to the competitor’s models. 

Stunning productivity! This powerful cordless framing nailer drives nails in the LVL, lumber, and hardwoods. The battery is powered with a battery and fuel cell battery all you need to charge and use it on the Jobsite without any hassle of air compressor or hose. 

The best part about this model is its all-season formula that lets you perform even at 14 degrees Fahrenheit. It weighs only 7.2lbs for better control over the device. 

The over design is compact and sleek that fits in roof trusses, joists, and studs. This makes access to the hard-to-reach and tight areas quite easy. 

Paslode is one of the recognized names for nailers and staplers. The company utilizes top-notch quality materials, standard produces, and skillful craftsmanship. Yet, its motto is customer satisfaction that is why it provides a 1-year warranty for part replacement and defect.


  • Powerful drive nail flush 
  • Lightweight with ergonomic handle
  • Made easy to reach tight places


  • Stinky smell of fuel cell

3.BOSTITCH 20V MAX Cordless Framing Nailer BCF30PTB

Best Quality
BOSTITCH 20V MAX BCF30PTB Cordless Framing Nailer

BOSTITCH 20V MAX BCF30PTB Cordless Framing Nailer

  • Tool-free selector switch
  • Brushless motor and engine design
  • Include two speeds for optimized performance
  • Stall release lever to reset the driver blade
  • A rafter hook and a tool-free depth adjustment

You can save almost 15 to 20 minutes from your daily work by adopting a handy, cordless device instead of the corded one. The corded/ pneumatic nail guns take a lot of time in assembling, cleaning, and setting them up. Save your time and better use the cordless framing nailer for efficient performance. 

Another hit model for this purpose is BOSTITCH BCF30PTB that is equipped with a brushless motor for powerful rapid action. It provides you enough power to drive the nails for remodeling and framing work. 

Unlike Paslode, Cordless XP Framing Nailer, you can save money to spend on buying the fuel cells. The BOSTITCH BCF30PTB has a dual-speed engine which is powerful and efficient. You can drive the nails sizing 2 inches to 3-1/2 inches long in lumbar, hardwood, and any LVL.  

In order to avoid jamming of nails, the framing nailer has a stall release lever to reset the blade. Thus, you can quickly set up things and avoid inconvenience. 

The power tool is quite handy and compact to hold for tight corners. You’ll surely adore its performance and productivity. However, you need to purchase its battery and charger as it is sold separately. 


  • Exceptional run time of 1200 nails per charge
  • Easy to unjam the device
  • Perfect for round and clipped head nails.


  • Misfires sometimes

4.Metabo HPT Cordless Framing Nailer Kit

Fast Charger Included
Metabo HPT NR1890DRS Cordless Framing Nailer Kit

Metabo HPT NR1890DRS Cordless Framing Nailer Kit

  • Include: compact 3. 0Ah Lithium-Ion battery, contractor Bag, safety glasses
  • Pneumatic power
  • Drives 400 Nails per charge
  • No need for a tank or hose
  • Tool-less depth of drive adjustment
  • Unique air spring drive system

Another hit model by the Hitachi was renamed Metabo for clipped and offset round paper strip nails. The 18Volt framing nailer accepts the nail size ranging 2-inch to 3.5 inches in length. 

Thus, a versatile power tool for various projects. 

You can insert 400 nails with a single charge using its li-ion 3.0 A battery without any hassle of electric cord dragging or pulling. It is recommended for punch-out work on the job site. The highlighted feature of the Metabo cordless framing nailer is its tool-free nails adjustment. You can place nails of different sizes using its guides. 

The main reason you should grab this model without a second thought is its exceptional performance. Yes! The costumes feedback reports say that the performance of this tool is equally likely as that of a pneumatic nailer. Powerful enough for rapid action. 

You can easily switch between the bump fire and sequential modes using the easy switch on the control panel. Similar to other models by Metabo, the tool is equipped with a brushless motor that has a longer run per charge, is more durable, and has less maintenance. In short, a fully equipped model that beats its competitors with its performance and durability. 

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  • Easy storage via rafter hook 
  • Selective actuation to switch modes
  • Brushless quiet motor


  • Moderate speed of bump mode

5.SENCO F-35XP Cordless Pneumatic Framing Nailer

True Pneumatic Performance
SENCO F-35XP Cordless Pneumatic Framing Nailer

SENCO F-35XP Cordless Pneumatic Framing Nailer

  • Fusion cordless air-power technology
  • No ramp-up time
  • Pressure relief valve and refillable airport
  • Easy maintenance
  • Oversized rugged rafter hook
  • Robust design and durable construction


SENCO is gaining popularity day by day due to its quality build and standard manufacturing procedures. It offers a wide range of power tools including air compressors, nailers, staplers, screw systems, and more. 

Let have a look at one of its in-demand and popular framing nailer known as SENCO F-35XP Cordless Pneumatic Framing Nailer. The model has fusion technology that means that it has no fuel cells and air compressor instead it has compressed nitrogen into the cylinder that is pressurized and releases to create the driving force. 

Furthermore, the model has a brushless motor of an 18-volt lithium-ion battery to create a strong force to insert the nails through hardwoods or lumber.

It is worth saying over here that SENCO F35XP is a tough competitor for the big brands including Metabo, Dewalt, and BOSTITCH. 

Although, the nail gun is quite large in size compared to other models, yet some users prefer this model. Apart from this, it has the pressure release valve and rafter hook to hang while you are busy tackling the other things on the worksite. 

The device accepts the framing nail sizing 2-inch t 3-½ inch at an angle of 30 to 34 degrees. It works really well in tight places. 


  • Fuson Air-power technology 
  • No ramp-up to boot
  • Includes 2 batteries 


  • Heavy to hold

6.Paslode IMCT 900420 Cordless Framing Nailer

Combustion Linear Motor
Paslode 900420 Cordless IMCT Framing Nailer

Paslode 900420 Cordless IMCT Framing Nailer

  • Depth-of-drive adjustment
  • High-visibility load magazine
  • Long & narrow nose
  • Comfortable “sure grip” and soft trigger
  • Include: battery, charger, belt hanger, plastic carrying case, safety goggle
  • Lightweight
  • Heavy-Duty design


Paslode 900420 is a remarkable model due to its robust internal components and hose-free operation. You can use this powerful tool for light framing, DIY projects as well as commercial-grade usage. 

The model accepts the clipped and full head nails sizing 2.0 to 3.25 inches. This lightweight handy tool avoids the hassle of hoses and noise of the air compressor. The nail gun delivers the right pressure for different uses. 

It weighs 7.3 pounds! The handle is designed to make your armless fatigue, You can hold it for long hours without any muscle pain or uncomfortably. The trigger switch is soft and works on slight pressure. 

Compact yet capable to perform commercial-grade framing. Highly recommended for carpenters and skillful woodworkers to perform the hardcore framing task with this handy tool. 

The device can shoot about 12000 nails by a single cell and 4,000 nails on a full battery charge. 

You don’t need any extra tools like wrenches to adjust the nails. It is easy to adjust the nails of different sizes in the magazine. 

The tool has a linear motor with robust performance just like the automobile motor. The nail gun has the lockout feature t avoid misfiring. 


  • High performance per charge 
  • Recommended for commercial-grade framing 
  • Lightweight and ergonomic design


  • Expensive to buy

7.Paslode 902600 CF325Li Lithium-Ion Cordless Framing Nailer

portable & Light
Paslode 902600 CF325Li Lithium Ion Cordless Framing Nailer

Paslode 902600 CF325Li Lithium Ion Cordless Framing Nailer

  • Heavy-duty rafter/belt hook 
  • Drives 50-percent more nails per charge
  • Full charge in 1 hour
  • No compressor needed
  • New on/off battery position for added convenience
  • Full-body rubber grip
  • Nail lockout 


If you’re looking for a portable, light, and easy-to-use cordless framing nailer then this model is a perfect choice for you.

This model drives 50% more nails per charge as compared to its previous model. It inserts 6,000 nails by single charge! It uses fuel cells which are sold separately. You don’t need any air compressor to drive it. 

The best part about this model is that it has a belt hook and rafter to hang it while working on Jobsite. So, it is quite easy to use this tool while you’re performing other activities throughout the home remodeling or renovation. 

 Although it takes 1 complete hour to charge fully. However, with a quick charge of 2-minutes, you can dive 200 nails. The nosepiece has great flexibility to adjust the angles for tor nailing o other tight corners. 

Some other advanced features are full rubber grip, nail lockout, utility hook, new on/off battery position, and easy installation. 

The pack includes a charger, carrying case, 7.4 lithium-ion battery, safety glasses, and wrench. So, avail this flexible framing nailer for roof sheathing, framing, floor decking, wall sheathing, and others. 


  • Excellent battery life 5 hours
  • 50% more powerful than other models
  • Easy to use 


  • A bit expensive 

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8.DEWALT 20V MAX XR Framing Nailer

Dual Speed
DEWALT 20V MAX XR DCN692B Framing Nailer

DEWALT 20V MAX XR DCN692B Framing Nailer

  • Dual-speed motor optimized to drive a wide range of fasteners
  • Versatile
  • Tool-free selector switch
  • Tool-free depth adjustment
  • Stall release lever
  • Adjustable rafter hook
  • Easy access to the nosepiece
  • Dry fire lockout
  • Precise nail placement

DEWALT is a recognized name for the production of power tools including drills, circular saws, miter saws, Sanders, Grinders, and more. Let’s have a look at one of the best-selling framing nailer models in the power tool market known as DEWALT 20V MAX XR Framing Nailer.

The framing nailer is equipped with battery-oriented flywheel technology. No more troublesome and costly gas cartridges replacement. You can leave the air compressor, hoses, and fuel cell at home now!

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Framing Nailer is equipped with a powerful brushless motor and dual speed option. Therefore, the model lets you perform a variety of tasks at the job site. 

Similar to other models, you can drive up to 3-1/2inches of nails in the engineered lumber. The distinct part about the performance of this model is its fast firing and less noise. 

You will surely enjoy the advanced features of the cordless framing nailer such as secure jam clearing, dry fire lockout, depth adjustment, and more. Thus, it enables you to strike the surface precisely and nail it in the intended position. 


  • Trigger lock for security purposes
  • No need to change gas cartridges
  • Powerful motor and accurate results


  • The battery is sold separately

9.BOSTITCH BCF28WWB 20V MAX Cordless Framing Nailer

Save Time & Money
BOSTITCH 20V MAX BCF28WWB Cordless Framing Nailer

BOSTITCH 20V MAX BCF28WWB Cordless Framing Nailer

  • Tool-free selector switch
  • Brushless motor and engine design
  • Includes two speeds for optimized performance
  • Stall release lever
  • A rafter hook


Adopt cordless convenience throughout the home renovation process including framing, sheathing, deck building, and fencing. 

BOSTITCH BCF28WWB is a compact and handy tool for maximum mobility at the job site. The tool is equipped with a 20-volt li-ion battery that is engineered to perform heavy-duty tasks. 

The cordless framing nailer accepts nail sizing up to 3-½ inches. It has a dual-speed motor for quick, precise, and accurate connections. 

Similar to the competitor’s model it has the tool-free adjustment of nails and a rafter hook. The selector lets you change the modes from bump-free to sequential. 

The wire weld gas 28-degree collation that accepts the round offset nails. You can save time that you spend daily to set up an air compressor as well as clean up time. 

In order to resolve the issues like jamming or misfires, it has the stall release lever to reset the blade. The customer’s feedback reports indicate that this feature gives them a striking experience while using it. 

The nail gun is compatible with BOSTITCH 20V MAX batteries. However, the battery and charger are sold separately. 


  • Compact framing nailer
  • Stall release lever
  • 20-volt powerful battery


  • Battery drain quickly 

10.BOSTITCH F28WW  Framing Nailer

Lightweight Magnesium Design
BOSTITCH Pneumatic F28WW Framing Nailer

BOSTITCH Pneumatic F28WW Framing Nailer

  • Patented push-button adjustable depth guide
  • Sets nail to desired depths quickly and conveniently
  • Notched 16-inch layout indicator on magazine
  • Durable
  • Adjustable rafter hook
  • Magnesium housing
  • Sets up as sequential or bump fire trigger


Last but not least! BOSTITCH F28WW  is lightweight and durable. The entire housing of this model is made up of magnesium that has a very small weight. It is easy to carry via a grip handle. 

The carpenters and framers enjoy the control over bumping the nails in the hardwood surface. It weighs only 7.6 pounds due to its magnesium housing. 

The nail gun accepts the nail sizing 2 to 31/2 inches. It inserts the power of 1050 inch pounds to push the nail deep inside the striking surface. The rafter hook lets you hang it once you are done with the nailing or for resting purposes. 

Exclusively, it has a push button and depth guide to set the nails at a certain size conveniently. In addition to this, it has a layout indicator for the correct distance of studs. 

This power tool serves you in many ways such as framing, sheathing, siding, bridging, fencing, exterior decks, engineered lumber, and much more. 

In short, It is a 28-degree framing nailer that is perfect for easy management, quick depth adjustment, and better control over the device. 


  • Highly efficient power tool 
  • Versatile  and lightweight 
  • Saves time and money 


  • Moderate noise

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Factors to Consider while Buying the Best Cordless Framing Nailer – An Ultimate Buying Guide 

Before you make the final decision, let’s have a look at the important factors that you should consider before buying the best cordless framing nailer so that you get the right product at an affordable price.

Battery Life

The performance of the cordless framing nailer depends upon its battery life. Therefore, the first and the utmost thing to consider is the battery life. How long it runs? Nails per charge and charging time of the cordless framing nailer are the major questions about the battery-powered power tool. 

Look into the product details to find the answer to these questions. You can read the customer’s experience as well to value your money in the best possible way. 

It is much better to select a cordless framing nailer with longer battery life. A cordless framing nailer with a short battery timing will frustrate you and will cause a delay in your project.

Size and Weight

The size and the weight of the cordless framing nailer are also important because it has a big impact on the home renovation or remodeling tasks you are assigned. A lot of cordless framing nailers are lighter, but you will also see some heavy models.

A lightweight cordless framing nailer is better for a lengthy task. You may use a heavy framing nailer for short-period tasks. 

Similarly, a compact designed cordless framing nailer is helpful to be used in tight places.

Adjustable Nail Depth

One of the most important factors to consider is the Adjustable nail depth. This feature saves your time. According to the professionals, a wide range of products comes with a distinct hardness. The depth is adjusted according to the hardness to avoid sagging and get a perfect countersink.

The adjustment of the nail is done with a tool-free wheel or knob and finally, use a hex wrench to lock it. Remember, select a framing nailer that lets you adjust the nail depth without any winch.

Magazine Capacity

How many nails the magazine can hold is the magazine capacity? This factor is important as it speeds up the task and reduces downtime. Although, a cordless nailer has a smaller magazine yet you can load the magazine in a minimum time. Some models like Bostitch GF28WW come with a huge magazine that can hold 66 nails at a time. 

Jam Clearing

Jam cleaning purely depends upon the quality of the framing nailer. If the jamming of the nailer frequently occurs, then it is ridiculous. Although in some models, you need to open the latch with a special tool for jam clearing, yet some expensive models come with a single click button for this purpose. 

Design and Ergonomics

This factor is the angle that a framing nailer makes while holding upright. It is very important to consider so that you feel less fatigue and pain while working for a longer period. Usually, in an upright position, a 21-degree angle is considered the best and ideal magazine angle. 

Magazine Type

Another important factor is the magazine type. In a cordless framing nailer, there comes 2 types of magazines either a coil-type magazine or a stick magazine. A coil-type magazine can hold more nails. But a coil-type magazine lets you feel awkward if you are working at an angle.

Frequently Asked Questions about Best Cordless Framing Nailer

Is it worth investing in the cordless framing nailer? 

It is assumed that the cordless framing nailer has low performance as compared to the corded or pneumatic nailers. But, this is not true! Brands are putting their efforts to put forward improved and latest nailers with equally likely performance as that of corded ones without any entangling or wire or air compressor noise. Explore our top 10 cordless framing nailers to value out your money in terms of performance and durability. 

Which angle/degree is best for framing nailer?

According to the experts, a 30 to 34-degree framing nailer is best recommended – the greater the angle the more it can reach to the tight corners and places. 

What is the average lifespan of the cordless nail gun battery? 

It takes almost 3 years or 1,000 charge cycles to last the battery of the cordless tool. On the other hand, the gas-powered nailers cost up to$15 for a fuel cell. Whereas, the life of the fuel cell is mostly 1,000 to 1200 shots. (You may also like: The 5 Best Cordless Finish Nailer 2021 – Buyer’s Guide)


Forget about all the hassle that comes with the air-powered, gas-powered, or electric-powered framing nailer. Bring the compact cordless and handy tool and start diving the nails into the hardwoods in a quick and precise way. 

I would like to entitle Metabo HPT Cordless Framing Nailer (NR1890DCS) as the “best overall” model due to its performance and durability. The brushless motor produces more torque and works in an efficient way. 

The runner-up will be Paslode, Cordless XP Framing Nailer due to its amazing running time. The powerful battery runs almost 50% more than the competitor’s models. 

The second runner-up is BOSTITCH 20V MAX Cordless Framing Nailer BCF30PTB as it is a money and time-saving alternative for the corded framing nailers. It is quick to set up and easy to use as a power tool.

Boost your performance and avoid the hassle. Grab the best cordless framing nailer for the upcoming project!

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