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The Best 5 Electric Hand Planer in 2021 – Ultimate Guide & Reviews

Best Overall
BLACK+DECKER Hand Planer, 5.2-Amp, 3-1/4-Inch (7698K)
BLACK+DECKER Hand Planer, 5.2-Amp, 3-1/4-Inch (7698K)
Premium Choice
PORTER-CABLE Hand Planer, 6-Amp, 5/64-Inch (PC60THP)
PORTER-CABLE Hand Planer, 6-Amp, 5/64-Inch (PC60THP)
Great Value
DEWALT DCP580B 20V MAX Brushless Planer (Tool Only)
DEWALT DCP580B 20V MAX Brushless Planer (Tool Only)

Do you want to handle long blocks of wood when working on the construction site? Then, it is best to have a handy electric planner. It is the tool that is used by the seasoned carpentry or people who have carpentry skills and want to carve a bench or a table for their home. The best-planned must be in the toolkit of a carpenter to complete the carpentry tasks at a brisk pace. The planner is available in different shapes, and each one is used to perform a specific task.

Earlier, planners were widely used by the carpenters to do the woodwork and construction jobs. These are now even used by the people who are new to the world of woodworking. It is used to recover the old lumber. It is easy to carry out this task by removing the top layer of the wood surface and trim out the edges.

It is lightweight and durable. You can climb the ladder by holding this tool to carry out the jobs even in the hard to reach areas. It is widely used by the carpenters to cut the wood into smaller pieces or remove a layer of wood precisely. The electric hand planer is highly efficient and makes your job easier compared to the traditional planer.

It has a powerful motor with different cutting blades to use it for sanding wood efficiently. The depth gauge enables you to cut the wood in different depths.

We have compiled the five best electric hand planer that is available in the market to make your job easier in picking the right one without much research.

The best 5 electric hand planer 2021

1. BLACK+DECKER Hand Planer

BLACK and DECKER Hand Planer

You will love this model hand planer for being available at a pocket-friendly price. The carpenters can use it with different levels of experience in performing various carpentry jobs. With its impressive features, it allows DIY enthusiasts to use this planer for carrying out various planning functions. It is sturdy yet versatile. The extremely powerful motor of 5.2 amps will deliver the best performance by revolving at the speed of 16,500 revolutions per minute. It can cut the wood depth up to 5/64 inch.

You can use this electric planer to groove the wood that is required for decorative style touch-ups. It is built using robust materials that last for a longer period despite extreme wear and tear. It comes with four reversible and sharp HSS blades that retain its functionality for a long time.

There are ten positive stops that you find in this planer. It helps you to cut the wood precisely and accurately. It comes with a foot adjustment hand and a lock-on button that makes the job of cutting wood pretty easy.

The operator can use the planer for a more extended period without straining their hands much. You also get a dust collection bag along with the vacuum adapter and hex wrench. These are all stored in a kit. You can carry this kit whenever they go to do the carpentry job. With this kit box, it reduces the chances of the carpenter to lose their valuable tools. It is robust, reliable, and available at a cost-effective price.

If you are interested in carpentry and want to produce a table or chair right at your home, you can buy this. It is best for the DIY enthusiast.

  • Available at a reasonable price
  • Comes with a vacuum dust adapter
  • Robust in construction
  • Durable
  • HSS reversible blades last longer
  • Lock-on button
  • There is no spare belt

2. PORTER-CABLE Hand Planer


If you are looking to buy a planer that is comfortable for you to shave thinner surface layers of the wood precisely, then this model planer is for you. It comes with dust extraction on both sides to allow you to select one of the sides to work. It makes the planning task a piece of cake and highly convenient for the operator.

The best part of the planer is that you can connect this tool with the dust extraction tool without having to change the position of the tool or align the wood to that of the ducting system.

There is also a dual exhaust system equipped with this tool, which is intuitive. The powerful motor that is of 6 amps and 120 volts will rotate the blade at the speed of 16,500 rpm. It allows you to cut the wood briskly and efficiently. You can cut the depth of 5/64 inches and thinly shave the surface layers with high accuracy.

The construction of the planer is reliable and lasts longer. The 11 inches aluminum shoe is highly resistant and easy to maneuver.

The width of the wood that you can cut using this planner is around 31/4 inches for every stroke. However, you can also attain multiple strokes using the tool. It promises you to cut the surface evenly. You can also chamfer the edge precisely with the three chamfering grooves.

It is of moderate weight and easier to handle by the operator to perform the task without hurting or straining their hands. The dust ports equipped to the tool will push out the wood chips efficiently while keeping the clogging issues at bay. This, in turn, helps to improve the longevity of the tool. This model tool also allows you to make rabbets that are of 0.47-inch depth after every pass. The tool gives you ample control over the depth of the rabbets you shave. It provides high value for the money you are spending on it.

You can use this best to cut softwood over soft ones. It is affordable and perfect to be purchased by the electric planer, who is a beginner. It is versatile and delivers excellent performance and allows you to carry out professional work flawlessly.

  • The two sides of dust collection offer high flexibility
  • Powerful motor promotes precise cutting of wood material
  • Dual blades make the cutting easier
  • Attain standard cutting width
  • 3 Chamfering groove options
  • Cost-effective
  • Offer excellent maneuverability with the help of the aluminum shoe
  • Heavy
  • Aggressive

3. DEWALT DCP580B 20V MAX Brushless Planer


It is a portable yet cost-effective brushless planer that can be used by both the beginner and professional planer. The 20V planer delivers high performance and allows the operators to carry out the carpentry tasks for a long time without straining their hands. The handle is ergonomic and will reduce the efforts of the operator.

The grip is highly comfortable for the operator to hold tight. It works efficiently and reliably when working in tough work conditions.

The best part of the planer is that it is equipped with the dual-blade drums and comes with reversible blades. The knob equipped on this brushless planer produces some clicking noise when you are making changes to the settings. The kit box of the planer comes with other tools such as tort key and Torx wrench storage with a kickstand. The job of the kickstand is to keep the device safe when not in use. It is the best planner in which you must invest. It can provide 32,000 cuts for every minute. It produces quick and effective results.

The poly V drives improve the durability of the belt and reliability. It is lightweight and also  easy to carry to the worksite. It occupies less space in the garage with its portability. As the motor is brushless, so you do not need to maintain it regularly, unlike the traditional motored planer.

The motor also lasts longer despite using it for a long time. You can use this planer to cut or trim the surface of the wood board. You can cut the wood either profoundly or in a shallow manner based on the type of board you are using.

There is a depth adjustment tool that allows you to adjust the depth you want to cut precisely.

The block knob equipped to the tool has allowed you to mark the edges clearly so that you can cut the deep of 5/64 inches. The shoes of the tool are made using the aluminum material on both the front and back end that make sure that you are cutting parallel. The one you are cutting will be in line with the next one.

Be it you are working on the floor or on the table that has lesser space; you can use the kickstand that makes you let the device sit on the wood without causing any damage to the wood. It is suitable for the people who work in fields where it is tough for them to get the electric outlets. It is cordless and allows you to move from one place to another without entangling with the wires.

A lithium-ion battery powers the tool. You also get the charger along with the tool, which you can frequently charge to use it continuously.

  • Portable
  • Free from wires
  • Belt last longer
  • Easy to operate
  • Dual reversible carbide blades
  • There is no component to extract the dust
  • The Battery does not last longer

4. TACKLIFE 7.5-Amp Electric Hand Planer


If you are looking for a wood planner that assures you with the best performance, then it is a smart choice to buy this electric hand planer. You do not need to spend an arm and a leg to buy this. It is the perfect product for DIY enthusiasts. You can use this for straightening and squaring the lumber. It is comfortable to use and delivers excellent performance.

The 31/4 inches of the hand planer has an extremely superior quality copper motor with 7.5 amps will produce 900 watts of the power to run the planer efficiently. The blades rotate at the speed of 16000 rpm and deliver 32,000 cuts for every minute and provide you with the precise cut and the thickness that you want to produce wood products. The blades equipped to the planer are made using the manganese steel.

The tool is safe to use and comes with the double controlling switch that reduces the number of accidents it happens while using the planer at the workplace. Even when the operator is negligible for a second, it won’t harm him. The soft-grip handle is ergonomic and comfortable for the operator to hold longer without feeling fatigued.

There is a three-meter extra chord that you get along with the planer when you buy. You can use this extra chord to move the planer in inside and outside the workplace. You get chamfer groove, fence bracket, dust collection bag, hex key, and open wrench along with the planer.

It gives high value for the money you are investing in. The chamfer groove will let you cut the edges of the wood precisely in all types of woodworks. The rabetting guide helps you to make a rabbet that is of 4 to 5 inches. The depth adjustment feature will let you decide the depth of the wood you want to cut.

The 12 positive stops allow you to cut the wood in different depths ranging from 0 to 1/8 inches as per your requirement. The knob is used to increment 1 to 10 inches for every shift. It delivers high performance at work.

You can use this to carry out all types of woodwork. It is lightweight and durable. You can quickly move the planer over the lumber and cut it precisely. The aluminum flat bottom plate will allow you to cut the planning surface smoothly.

  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to hold the grip
  • Comes with different accessories
  • Top-notch quality copper motor
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • User-friendly
  • Blades are made using 65 manganese steel
  • Easy to adjust the depth with the help of the knob in 12 positive steps
  • No dust is spread in the area where you are working with the zippered dust bag
  • Dust pouch is smaller in size
  • Makes noise
  • There is no option to bevel adjustments

5. DEWALT Hand Planer D26676

It is the best yet cost-effective hand planer that is available for the beginner and professional carpenters to carry out all types of wood projects. It works efficiently and delivers the best performance when you are using this device while resurfacing the hardwood.

The shape of the wood is ergonomic and comfortable to hold and work for a more extended period without feeling any kind of fatigue. You can use this tool to resurface horizontally over vertically. It is of moderate weight and comes with reversible carbide blades and chamfering grooves. These features make it easy to work on the edges of the wood.

You do not need to put a dent in the pocket if you want to buy this. The sharp and high-speed blades made of steel are easy to install. It comes with a rabetting fence, socket wrench, and depth setting gage along with the blade sharpening tool.

The 5.5 amp motor will allow you to attain smooth finishing of the wood cutting by rotating 34,000 times for every minute. The blades are easy to reverse. The blades are bigger in size and resharpenable. It helps you to attain a straight cut using the blades. The front and back aluminum shoes can be used for achieving a parallel cut.

There is a depth adjustment knob equipped to the tool that allows you to calibrate the machine to cut from 1.5mm. The handle is ergonomic, and the device comes with a kickstand that helps you to rest the planer on the surface while avoiding unwanted accidents. There is no risk of the wood material to get damaged. You can use this to give a precise finishing to the softwood and hardwood. It also helps you to make clean rabbet joints by cutting up to 23/64 inches.

The planer has a groove that is located on the shoe front to give a smooth edging chamfering. You can connect this tool to the dust collection bag to collect the dust in one place and avoid it from spreading in the workplace.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to operate
  • Cut the wood at a high speed
  • Highly durable poly v drive belt
  • Kickstand will safeguard the blade as well as the wood surface
  • Perfect for a DIY enthusiast
  • You need to buy the dust collection bag separately
  • Not for professionals
  • Pricey
  • Cannot cut in-depth
  • Only one chamfering groove

Tips for maintaining electric hand planer

With aging, the components in the planer would lose their efficiency. You can improve the longevity of the wood planner by maintaining it properly. When you do proper maintenance for the tool, it works efficiently and will last longer. It also helps you to save a huge amount of money in buying the new one. The hand planer also needs regular maintenance. Few of the tips you must follow to keep the hand planer in a top-notch condition include:


The first point of care starts with the storage of the machine. After usage of the tool, you must store in the right place to avoid it from getting prone to dust and grime. When you do not use the proper procedure to store the tool, it poses a serious risk to people and also results in unnecessary damage to the tool.

You can avoid this by storing it in the appropriate location after usage. You must keep in the place that is hard for kids to reach.


Many tools are prone to rust, and the electric hand planer is no longer exempted from it. There are various components in the machine that are eaten away by rust. It eventually takes a toll on the efficiency of the machine.

More importantly, the parts that are prone to rust would break and result in damage to the tool. The moving parts in the planer would move in the opposite direction and waste the energy.

The only way to keep rust at bay is to store the machine properly after using it. You can also embrace the other methods to keep the machine away from rust. The best way is to make use of the abrasive material to remove rust or oil the parts regularly. It not just improves the efficiency of the machine but also improves its lifespan.


The hand planers that are powered by electricity will have moving parts. The motion of these parts is due to the movement of the motor equipped inside the planer. You must lubricate the parts regularly to keep friction at bay. If the friction caused due to the rotation of the motor, it results in the production of excess heat.

Consequently, the shaft would get damaged, and the planer would consume a lot of power to reduce the frictional force. You must also check the electrical cables and parts regularly to ensure that there is no scope for electrical hazards.

Keep the cutting edges sharp        

You can only attain the smooth surface only when the blades of the planer are sharp. You must regularly sharpen the blades which get blunt after few uses. You need to keep the machine away from the metals that can cause damage to the blades. The cutting blades must be oriented in a specific direction to attain optimal efficiency.

You can improve the longevity of the machine by sharpening the blades regularly. It also makes your wood related jobs easier.

When the blades are worn out, you must replace them with the new one.


There are a few components that must be placed regularly to maintain the efficiency of the machine. The critical parts that you must inspect and replace include moving parts and the cutting edges. You must only use the right parts that are recommended by the manufacturer rather than the parts that you are finding it easy in the market. When you replace the old parts with the new ones, you must check whether or not the planer is working as before.

Tighten the bolts    

When the bolts are tight, it keeps the parts together. If the bolts are loose, it takes a toll on the efficiency of the machine operation. You must inspect the bolts and other parts of the machine that are sensitive regularly.

Wax the shaving passages

You must wave the shaving passages of the planer regularly. Otherwise it takes a toll on the indentation of the wood while cutting. You can avoid the planer from getting jammed when you are cutting the lumber.

These are a few maintenance tips that you must follow to improve the longevity of the electric hand planer and make it perfect efficiently always.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Where can you use an electric hand planer?

The electric planer works similarly to that of the handheld planer that can shape the wood and would work like a belt sander and a jointer. You can make use of the planer to carry out various wood-related tasks such as shaving the door bottoms, leveling the joists, and other tasks. You can use this planer to shape the garden deck or make shelves in the home. The main activity that you can perform with the help of the planer is to make the wood smooth and adjust its depth gauge so that the consistent thickness of the wood is maintained. This helps you to use the right measurements of wood in the building projects.

Can I use the planer as a jointer?

Yes, you can use the electric hand planer as a jointer. The jointer and planers are the tools that are widely used by the carpenters and DIY users to mill wood. It can also be used to make the furniture with the right dimensions. If you are having a carpentry workshop and do not have a jointer to cut the edges of the wood precisely, then you can make use of the hand planer in that place. It works similar to that of the jointer and makes your job easier. If the wood is large in size, you can use the planner to flatten it.

How can you plane with the help of a wood planer?

There is a step by step procedure that you must follow to handle a plane with wood. The hand planes are available in different types. You must choose the hand plan that allows you to perform a wood-related task with ease. You also make sure that the plane head is not blunt. You can sharpen the head before you start the woodwork. The knob of the planer must be adjusted until you attain the required depth. Once you attain the depth, you can start making the wood surface plane. Ensure that you do this task until the surface is smooth. You do not cut the grain and check the preciseness of the plane from time to time.

How can you adjust the hand planer?

You must adjust the plan accurately before you start the task of cutting the wood. You must turn the plan upside down and put it above your eye level. There is a nut that is made of brass, which you can see on the planer. You must turn this nut until you see iron beyond the plane bottom. You can adjust the plane laterally by pushing off the blade to one end ultimately. You can start to cut the wood into small pieces. You can also tighten the nuts and planer as per your convenience. If you want to cut the wood roughly, the planer needs to have some depth.

How is the bench plane different from the block plane?

You can use the bench planes for a woodworking bench. You must hold this plane with both the hands, where you must use one hand to roll the knob and the other hand to hold the handle tightly to avoid losing the grip. On the flip side, the block plane can be used with a single hand and will fit comfortably in the tool kit. The standard angle of the block plane blade is 20 degrees, and you can tilt it up to 12 degrees. The blades of the bench plane would be at 45 degrees and would be positioned using the bevel side down.

What is the difference between corded and cordless planer?

If you are in the furniture industry where many woodworkers are working using the hand planer tool, then you must buy the cordless one. It keeps the number of wires in the workplace at bay and also reduces the accidents caused due to wire entangling.

However, the corded planer will supply enough power and keep the planer to run for a more extended period, i.e., until you complete the wood-related job. The downside of the cordless planer is that you have to keep on recharging the battery once the juices are over.

You can take the cordless planer to anyplace while the corded ones must be used in the places where there is a power outlet.

What are the different types of planers?

There are three different types of planers available. Each one has its purpose. You can use the one based on the woodwork you are performing.

Manual hand planer: It is cost-effective and available in different sizes and styles. It is used to carry out small tasks where the attention of detail is required.

Electric hand planer: It allows you to carry out the wood-related tasks efficiently and briskly. These are expensive.

Benchtop planer: It is also known as a stationary planer. You must put this on the bench of the workshop or on the table to carry out the wood cutting job. These are costlier and would need regular maintenance.


Be it carpentry is your professor or doing it for a hobby; you must buy the best planer that allows you to cut the wood precisely and in-depth as per your preferences. We have listed the top 5 electric hand planer tools with pros and cons. You can go through each review thoroughly and choose the one that best suits your needs.

The listed planers are corded and cordless. The blades on each of the planers we suggested will cut efficiently and have sharp blades. You can pick the model that allows you to cut the wood, maintaining the same thickness throughout its length.

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