The 7 Best Miter Saw Stands 2021 (Review & Guide)

Finding a good miter saw stand that fits your needs and that is within budget is not an easy task especially with the amount of stands available on the market. They all have complicated names and descriptions that you can’t get a grip of what’s actually a good product and what is not.

Look no further, here’s your full buying guide of the best miter saw stands you should consider with all their specs and features explained.

List of The Best Miter Saw Stands:

Comparison Table:

ProductWeight Weight Capacity Material Capacity Compatibility Price
Bosch T4B 91.6 lbs.300 lbs.216” (8’)
Universal Check Price
DEWALT DWX72335 lbs.500 lbs.196” (16’) with extension
Universal Check Price
BORA PM-400030.2 lbs.500 lbs.116” (9’)Up to 12”Check Price
DEWALT DWX72625 lbs.300 lbs.8 feet Universal Check Price
EVOLUTION EVOMS134 lbs.330 lbs.118” (9.8’)Universal Check Price
POWERTEC MT400037 lbs.330 lbs.79-1/4″ with extension
10” and 12”
Check Price
Metabo HPT UU240F50 lbs.400 lbs. 95.5” (8’) with extension
Up to 12”Check Price

The 7 Best Miter Saw Stands in 2021

1. Bosch T4B – 18’ of Material Length Capacity

Bosch T4B

Introducing the Gravity-Rise technology, the Bosch T4B provides quick set-up and breakdown, making it one of the easiest miter saw stands to use on the market. With a 4.7 rating on Amazon, the T4B is one of the best portable saw stands you can find.

The T4B allows weight capacity up to 300 lbs and material capacity of up to 18-feet. That 18 feet capacity is one of the largest on the market, making it your best option if you’ll be working with lengthy material.

Besides, the T4B is also one of the most portable saw stands in spite of its 77 lbs weight. It has 8″ wheels that can withstand its heavyweight, even with the saw attached. Also, theT4B is universal with rapid-release tool mounts.

Its adjustable legs provide high stability on uneven surfaces. It is also durable, considering it is made of steel. In addition, the T4B offers an adjustable out-feed -up to 12″. 

However, be careful when handling the smaller plastic pieces as they aren’t as durable as the rest of the stand.

Pros & Cons

  • 18’ material capacity
  • Portable
  • Stable and durable
  • Universal
  • Heavy High
  • price tag

Final Verdict

The Bosch T4B is expensive, but you’re getting your money’s worth. It has everything you might be looking for, and even more. It is durable, stable, universal, and portable. It can withstand a beating. Moreover, it has an extraordinary material capacity of 18-feet that you probably will not find in most miter saw stands on the market.

2. DEWALT DWX723 – Heavy Duty


The DEWALT DWX723 allows for one of the best weight and material capacity. It allows up to 500 lbs and 16-feet, respectively. Compared to the Bosch T4B, it may not have the T4B’s incredible material capacity; however, the DWX723 has a higher weight capacity.

The DWX723 is universal, and it can be folded. In addition, one of its best aspects is its weight. With only 35 lbs of product weight, it is still not the most portable stand since it doesn’t come with wheels. It would be a hassle having to carry it with the saw attached, and even more of a hassle having to detach the saw every time you have to move it. However, don’t worry about it scratching your flooring, the feet are non-marring.

However, there’s a little issue when it comes to the support brackets; they aren’t the most durable and are bound to break if you apply a little extra pressure on them.

Pros & Cons

  • Lightweight
  • Universal
  • Heavy duty
  • Support Brackets aren’t durable
  • No wheels

Final Verdict

DEWALT is known for its high-quality products, and the DWX723 is not any different. It is a heavy-duty saw stand that can withstand up to 500 lbs and 16′. It can be folded for saving storage space, and it is lightweight enough for you to be able to carry it around easily. However, it is not as durable as you’d wish. Also, it doesn’t come with wheels.

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3. BORA PM-4000 – Lightweight

BORA PM-4000

The BORA PM-4000 is the lightest stand on this list with only 30 lbs. In addition, you’d expect from such a lightweight that it wouldn’t be heavy-duty; however, it is incredibly heavy-duty with a weight capacity of 500 lbs and a material capacity of 9-feet.

The PM-4000 is compatible with saws up to 12-inches. In addition, it is easy to set-up and fold, making it a very easy-to-use stand. Besides, it also offers quick attach mounting bars that allow you to mount your saw to the stand without any hassle quickly.

With such a lightweight and quick attach tool, you don’t even need wheels. You’d just need to detach the saw, then fold the stand, and done. It’s a very portable stand.

However, the downside of the PM-4000 is that the extension arms tend to lose their square-shape when tightened. They twist, and therefore, they take more effort than necessary.

Moreover, it does not allow you to adjust its height but it is 36 inches high and that is quite comfortable for most people. 

Pros & Cons

  • One of the best miter saw stands for the money
  • Lightweight
  • Heavy duty
  • Extension arms lose their shape.

Final Verdict

The BORA PM-4000 is one of the best value for money miter saw stands on the market. It is budget-friendly, easy to use, stable, universal, and extremely lightweight. It is one of the most portable saw stands you can find in spite of it not having wheels. However, be careful when handling the extension arms as they tend to twist and can be a hassle to work with.

4. DEWALT DWX726 – Ideal for Smaller Tasks


The DEWALT DWX726 is one of the most popular miter saw stands on the market despite it being on the pricey side. Unlike the DWX723, The DWX726 comes with wheels for better portability. 

However, that comes with a price. Its weight capacity is 300 lbs, and material capacity is only 8-feet. Now, that is ideal if you’re looking for a saw stand for smaller tasks.

The DWX726 has adjustable rails that can fit most saws, making it universal as well. Even though it has a lower weight and material capacities than the DWX26, this is the second most expensive stand on this list after the Bosch T4B. 

The DWX726 also provides pneumatic assistance that eases its set-up. Moreover, to beat the issue that the DWX726 cannot be folded, it provides adjusting to three different heights. In addition, it is stable and durable.

Pros & Cons

  • Universal
  • Has height adjustment
  • Stable and durable
  • Only 8-feet of material capacity
  • Expensive

Final Verdict

Although DeWalt DWX726 is the most popular miter saw stand, it is not guaranteed that it will fit your needs. It has a relatively small material and weight capacities of just 8-feet and 300 lbs respectively. Those capacities may be ideal for your needs, and if they are, the DWX726 offers portability, durability, and stability all in one. However, you need to be careful before purchasing one as it is on the pricey side.

5. Evolution EVOMS1 – Portable

Evolution EVOMS1

The Evolution EVOMS1 is a hidden gem. It is stable, affordable, compact, and it has quick-release mounting brackets that provide easy set-up and storage. Besides, it allows quick saw detach. Not to mention, it is lightweight at just 34 lbs. Those features make it a portable saw stand in spite of it not having wheels.

The EVOMS1 provides a weight capacity of 330 lbs and a material capacity of 9.8-feet. In addition, the EVOMS1 is universal, and it allows height adjustments as well as steel rollers for easy feeding.

However, it is not as high as you’d want it to be. It can be uncomfortable to use for extended periods of time. If you’re a tall person, the EVOMS1 is not high enough for you in spite of its height adjustment.

Pros & Cons

  • Lightweight
  • Stable and durable
  • Budget-friendly
  • Height adjustment
  • Not high enough to comfortable usage
  • No wheels

Final Verdict

The Evolution EVOMS1 has it all. It is durable, compact, has height adjustments, and is budget-friendly. It is easy to set-up and transport as it is lightweight and has quick-release mounting brackets. If its weight and material capacities are what you’re looking for, this would be one of the best miter saw stands you’ll find on the market, especially at such a price.

6. POWERTEC MT4000 – Stable


The POWERTEC MT4000 is ideal for smaller and lighter materials. Its weight capacity is up to 330 lbs, and its material capacity is quite low with only 79-¼” (6.5′) with extension. 

It is budget-friendly and lightweight at only 40 lbs. However, when compared to the Evolution EVOMS1, the evolution excels at the price point, weight, and material capacity.

The MT4000, however, outshines the EVOMS1 at portability. The MT4000 is still considered lightweight as it can be folded for storage and transportation, and also because it has wheels. 

Besides, it is quite universal since it accepts most 10″ and 12″ saws. Moreover, it provides quick-dash release universal mounts for easy detachment of the saw.

Moreover, for maximum stability, the MT4000 has adjustable feet that can provide stability on uneven surfaces. Also, it is durable and can take a beating.

Pros & Cons

  • Portable
  • Budget-friendly
  • Limited weight and material capacities

Final Verdict

The MT4000 doesn’t have the best weight and material capacities; however, that makes it ideal for smaller and lighter materials, especially at such a price. 

It is stable with adjustable feet and lightweight. Besides, the MT4000 has wheels and can be folded for easy storage and transport. With the quick-dash release feature, it is easy to attach or detach your saw for better portability.

7. Metabo HPT UU240F – Middle of the Road Specs

Metabo HPT UU240F

The Metabo HPT UU240F is the middle of the road from all the products mentioned so far. It is ideal if you’re looking for a miter saw stand, but you’re unsure of the capacities you’d need. It has a weight capacity of 400 lbs and a material capacity of 8-feet with extension.

In addition, its price point is quite average. It’s neither affordable nor expensive. It accepts saws up to 12″. Its weight is also average at 50 lbs. 

For increased portability, it has wheels and quick-release mounting brackets, making it easy to transport. Also, it has adjustable material stops and height adjustment of materials for ease of use.

However, there have been multiple reports that the product came damaged or with manufacturing defects in critical areas making the stand unusable. In addition, it is not the most durable stand out there as its plastic pieces tend to break easily at minimum pressure. Lastly, it is not the most stable saw stand out there. It’ll get the job done but not on rough surfaces.

Pros & Cons

  • Average weight and material capacities
  • Lightweight
  • Has wheels
  • Might have manufacturing defects
  • Not durable

Final Verdict

The Metabo HPT UU240F is recommended for low volume usage, especially with its low durability and average stability. Also, make sure to check everything twice when you get the package as there have been reports of several dents and manufacturing issues that make the stand unusable.

How to Pick a Miter Saw Stand

When it comes to picking a saw stand that fits your needs and can last with you for a long time, there are a few things that you need to look into.

1. Portability

If you’re just going to store and use your saw stand in a limited area that you wouldn’t need to move it much, portability is not a critical factor for you. On the other hand, if you like moving around a lot and you don’t want something like your stand being too heavy to hold you back, then you should definitely be careful when purchasing a stand.

A product weight of 40 lbs or less is considered lightweight; therefore, it is regarded as a portable product. However, weight is not the only factor affecting portability. Wheels and foldability are equally as important. Try looking for a stand that has wheels and that can be folded for more effortless transfer and for easier storage.

2. Durability

It goes without saying that durability and stability are critical factors that can (literally) make or break your saw stand. A durable stand will be able to withstand heavy weights without a problem. However, that’s not all because durability also includes the handles, the plastic parts, and the extension arms of the stand. Too often, you can find a durable stand, but its small plastic parts are too weak. In order to avoid that, just be careful all together when handling those smaller parts.

3. Stability

Stability is vital, especially if you’re working on uneven surfaces. You wouldn’t want your stand to move around or slip when you’re using your saw as that can be dangerous. A stand that has adjustable feet usually provides greater stability because you can adjust the feet accordingly to fit your surface.

4. Weight and Material Capacities

There’s no good or bad when it comes to capacities; it depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re unsure what materials you’ll be working with and you want something that can be a safe option, we’d recommend you go for higher weight capacities of 400 lbs or more and material capacity of 9-feet or more.

5. Budget

More often than not, you’re getting what you’re paying for. That is the general case, and, of course, it has its exceptions. Don’t go for a cheaper option if you can afford to go higher for maximum benefit and longevity. The worst thing your saw stand can do is break down after very few usages.

6. Saw Compatibility

Most saw stands nowadays are universal. Being universal means that they can fit most (if not all) saws on the market. If you’re still worried or you like taking that extra step of caution, just message or ask the seller if your saw would fit, and it probably will.

Types of Miter Saw Stands

1. Traditional Stands

As you can probably guess, this type is the most basic one you can find. They don’t have wheels, and they’re usually heavy. These two characteristics make the traditional stands the least portable. However, they are generally sturdy and durable.

2. Rolling Stands

You can probably guess this one too. Rolling stands have wheels, which automatically makes them much more portable than traditional stands whatever their weight may be.

3. Folding Stands

Folding stands are the best for the least storage space they occupy. If you’re tight on space and you want a stand that’s easy to fold and store, folding stands are the best option for you.

4. Rail Stands

Much like rolling stands, rail stands have wheels. However, the wheels here protrude from the rail. This type is the best of both worlds if you’re looking for stability as well as portability.

Final Thoughts

Miter saw stands are all different. Make sure you understand what their specs mean and if they’re what you’re looking for. Look for durability, stability, and universal saw compatibility if you want something safe that can’t go wrong.

Be careful when choosing the suitable weight and material length capacities, and we’d recommend going a little higher than you’d need to avoid any inconvenience.

If you have enough money, and if you are ready to invest in a miter saw stand, go for Bosch T4B for its universality, portability and stability. 

I also recommend the lightweight DEWALT DWX723 if you do not mind carrying it from one place to another because it has no wheels. It is great for its universality and ability to handle tough tasks. 

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