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DEWALT DW758 Review

The DEWALT DW758 is a bench grinder geared for high-performance industrial purposes that provide superior power.

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It’s capable of handling large industrial size units. As the wheel guards have rear exhaust ports providing a smooth grinding operation.

Moreover, The DEWALT DW758 is an affordable, durable, and a high-duty bench grinder. Check latest prices here >>

DEWALT DW758 Features


The DEWALT DW758 grinder comes with a ¾ horsepower induction motor that is powerful enough to run the 8-inch grinding wheel.

With this motor power, you have to be sure that you will sustain smooth grinding operations.

In addition to providence to an easy and smooth material resurfacing and polishing.

The motor is also provided with an overload protection feature. This feature provides the safety of the motor and the wheels, as it prevents the motor from overheating. It’s a vital feature that extends the life of the grinder.

Moreover, this model of DEWALT is provided with a superior motor power of 3,600 RPM (Rotations per minute). This speed will produce a more smooth surface when you’re using it in polishing and smoothing.

Similarly, if you’re using the grinder for resurfacing, this model will give you a hand in removing materials off surfaces efficiently and in a fast way. In the same manner, If you use this model of DEWALT in tool sharpening, it will provide you with a rapid result.

In conclusion, the power of this DEWALT DW758 is impressive in doing any type of grinding tasks compared to other less performing models.

Grinding Wheel

This DEWALT model has two high-duty wheels with an 8-inch diameter. The overload protection feature has a significant role in doing with the wheels, as it prevents the overheating of the wheels, which sustains a more efficient performance while grinding.

Furthermore, the Wheels spot a big gap between them, this gap is 12-½ inches wide.

The gap provides you with the required space for large projects with an easier and smoother performance.

Another handy feature of the wheels, they’re provided with an exhaust port at the back of each wheel. These ports help in evacuating any dust or debris and preventing their accumulation.

One of the practical features of the wheels that the tool rest is made of solid block machined aluminum. This feature maintains the stability of the grinder while using. 

Also, it’s vital in maintaining the perfect and most accurate position for the items you’re working on. Consequently, providing you with the required smoothness.


Mentioning the vital features of the DEWALT DW758, the base in this DEWALT model has to be on top of the list.

As the base is made of solid cast iron, which makes it more durable with higher performance of stability, preventing any vibrations that might occur while using the grinder.

Also, the base has a large surface that maintains the grinder’s stability. Not only this, but also its provided with a base mount inserts that make it easy for you to bolt this unit to your workbench.


When it comes to the safety aspect, the DEWALT DW758 has lots of strong points in it.

Whether it’s smoothing or sharpening tools, DEWALT DW758 can do any type of grinding tasks in a smooth grinding operation.

On top of these points, the eye guards. As they work as a spark protector, protecting your eyes from the sparks that may fly towards your eyes through grinding.

Not only protection from sparks but also from any debris. The eye guards are clear, allowing you to have a perfect sight while using the grinder. 

Also, they’re adjustable and flexible so they can fit you the way you like.

One of the most crucial safety points is the place of the power switch. In this DEWALT model, the power switch is placed in the middle of the unit. In cases of emergency, reaching the power switch easily could be a lifesaver.


One of the cons of this DEWALT model is noise. Due to the power of the grinder’s motor, this model isn’t that much silent compared to other bench grinders.

Moreover, we recommend using ear protection. When it comes to grinding metals, the noise can get louder. In that case, make sure you wear your ear protection.

What We Like

  • Powerful and efficient motor with ¾ horsepower
  • High-duty 8-inch grinding wheels with a 12-½ inches gap for large projects
  • Durable cast iron base to maintain stability and motor housing extends the life
  • Overload protection feature preventing overheating
  • Aluminum precision-machined tools rest for grinding accuracy
  • See-through eye guards for safety

What We Don’t Like

  • A little bit expensive compared to other models. Yet, relatively affordable compared to its power
  • It doesn’t come with a work light.
  • It’s on the heavy side as it’s not really easy to carry by yourself
  • It’s not the most silent bench grinder compared to other models

Final Thoughts

Finding the best bench grinder that suits your requirements isn’t that hard. This model of DEWALT is the key to professional grinding tasks.

If you’re looking for a high-duty, high-performance, and a prolonged life bench grinder, then DEWALT DW758 is the one for it.

This model is proved to be a safe investment that’ll live up to your standards on heavy-duty grinding operations.

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