Dewalt DWS779 vs DWS780: What’s the Difference?

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The challenge that faces carpenters is to choose between Dewalt DWS779 and the DWS780. As a known fact that every carpeting fan must own a miter saw. No matter if you are a professional or practicing your hobby.

It would help if you kept yourself equipped with top-rated machines. And tools to offer you precision and accuracy besides course safety.

When it comes to Dewalt miter saws, they always make their mission. It is to provide many versions of woodworking machines. That enables you to increase your productivity.

They are the brand to go for reliable and dependable chop saw quality. To finish your huge projects and wood designs.

Yet, there is a lot on the market and determining the best is a challenging quest. Since they are not affordable machines that you can try and then decide not to use again.

To assist you in that quest, we are writing this article to show the comparison. Between the two most fundamental models of Dewalt, DWS779 and DWS780. Without any confusion or hesitation.

First, let us have a detailed review of each. Then we can jump into our comparisons between DWS770 and DWS780.

An overview of Dewalt DWS779 vs. DWS780:

Detailed information

Dws779 features a 12″ sliding compound miter saw that is best suited for workers. Who are on the move and need their machines to be portable without compromising their power supply. Or their cutting capacity to withstand the most drastic tasks.

The dws779 comes loaded with capabilities from the 12-inch blade, 15 AMP motor+3,800 RPM speed. And the dual bevel design to the adjustable cam lock miter handle. To provide the toughest punch cuts to enable you to operate left and right beveling. And mitering for handling the most complicated cuts with ease.

A back fence crafted to cut up to 2×14 dimensional lumber at 90° and slimmer boards at 45°. With a super-effective dust collection system. for collecting over 75% of the dust resulted from cutting.

They are one of the most straightforward. Yet convenient and heavy-duty compound miter saws available on the market. That is best suited for beginners and professional carpenters.

For achieving the top with this machine, Dewalt offered the capability to equip it with an LED light. Or cutting laser guide to add to its powerfulness. Yet you can buy them as an addition to your machine.

DWS779 is bigger and more expensive than the traditional chop saws. Then most average carpenters may not need to include in their tools for an average project. Yet, to compensate for the high price value. Dewalt covers this dependable and quite effective miter saw. With a 3-year warranty and the best customer service. IF NEEDED

When to use the DWS779?

  • Cutting wooden boards like crown molding frames and trimming.
  • Cutting hard metal material like aluminum making sure it is the correct blade.
  • Crosscuts
  • Mitering cutting
  • Bevel cuts.

Specifications and descriptions:

Power and accuracy

The main source of the DWS779 assists the miter saw to slide through the sturdiest pieces of wood. Its exceptional powerful 15 AMP motor, 3800 RPM speed.

With a carbide 12″ cutting blade that enables it to cut through cross-cuts varieties. from the slim board width of 2×10″ at the angle of 45 to the wide board width of 2×14″ at 90 degrees.

Both the motor and blade are horizontally positioned on steel rails. With the innovative clamping mechanisms of Dewalt. And the linear ball bearings that enhance every cut’s precisions. Besides maintaining the compactness and durability of the DWS779.

Dewalt made sure to use the carbide in the DWS779 sliding compound miter saw. As it has recently increased in popularity for providing more accurate cuts. In contrast to stainless steel blades.

Besides the carbide blade capability to cut through full-bodied material. Without sacrificing the blade like the traditional cutting edges.

DWS779 saves you from handling whatever form or kind of materials you can face. And allows you to enjoy extended longevity. And save money from replacing the blades more frequently.

Besides to the back fence system adds a crucial component in enhancing the accuracy. By being adjustable enabling you to outspread it to supply backing. For the longer vertical cutting orientation of boards up to the width of 6-3/4 inches.


Like the power supply, flexibility in handling complicated cuts. Is essential in a good chop saw. Thanks to the adjustability of the handle orientation in the DWS779. for cutting in many ways, thanks to the handle orientation’s adjustability.

The double bevel blade option. Allows the capability to bevel right and left at the positive stopping angle points of 0, 22.5, 33.9 45, and 49.

An overside bevel device that can mix between these positive stops. Permits quick and precise adjustability. When preparing for the coming cuts without any hesitations.

The second option that DWS779 makes more straightforward is mitering. With the effectiveness of the cam lock handle mechanism. enables altering the angle fast to the greatest angle90 degrees to the right and 50 degrees to the left and This bevel device saves you more time preparing. And cutting by featuring 10 positive stops. With the durable stainless steel miter detent plate.

Safety, maintenance, and portability

As safety is the dominant concept when dealing with power tools. And higher importance when operating such fast, sharp blades.

The DWS779 includes a safety blade guard. To maintain the physical distances between the user and the cutting surfaces. At all times of the blade positioned upright. An automated electric brake system switches off the saw’s blade. After releasing the trigger by 5 seconds.

It features a dust bag with a handy zipper. That is easy to empty to limit the hassle of keeping your work area clean. By collecting over 75% of the dust resulting from cutting.

Still, they are convenient for portability. since they weigh only 56lb and include a handle for carrying. And a foldable design to maintain compatibility when not in use. Making it perfect for professional carpenters. When on the move between jobs and hobbies to store it without any hassle.

As we concluded that many of the essential parts of the DWS779 miter saw were crafted out of metal. To enhance durability and shield it from any scratches. Bumps, or knocks during transportation or storage.

#Dewalt DWS780

As we need to mention before we get into more information, the Dewalt DWS780 is like the DWS779 in many aspects. Yet, they manufacture them loaded with extra impressive features. resulting in making them more expensive than common chop saws on the market.

For a fact, you can do your design utilizing a manual saw or use a table saw. With an added miter device with the capability to bevel. When crafting your hobby or commercial products. Yet, nothing comes before a specialized chop saw when facing complex cutting needs.

DWS780 miter saw limits the complications of turning the wood around. To serve different cutting angles, allowing you to turn the blade orientation. From one direction to double bevel versions to enable angling the blade to the left and right. Relying on your preferences.

This chop saw a 12-inch double bevel sliding compound miter saws. That offer more cutting force, capacity, and adaptability. They feature an affordable price. Even if they are a little pricey in comparison to the provided features.

As many Dewalt miter saws, they craft them with a back fence to contain the boards’ width of 2×14″. at the angle of 90 and wider boards at 45.

They come with a sturdy handle to carry and enhance the accuracy mechanism. Since they craft them for long-lasting and exceptional durability. Journey to serve you for long years to come.

Thanks to the gearbox and designed drive. It offers an advanced vertical cutting capacity. With a dust collection system. that allows collecting 75% of the dust resulted from cutting.

On the other hand, the DWS799 traditional laser guide is bound to go out of line and move askew over time or with each use. Therefore, its precision is not 100% ensured.

When to use the DWS780?

  • Molding frames and trimming.
  • Cut nonferrous metals material.
  • Crosscuts.
  • Miter cuts.
  • Beveled cuts.

Specifications and descriptions:


As the 15 amp motor’s power output is the most crucial aspect. To check for selecting the most beneficial chop saw.

Since you can cut the rougher, tougher, and larger cuts of boards cutting blades like a breeze.

As the previous Dewalt miter saw, the DWS780 offers a 15Amp motor power. With 3800 RPM to enable slicing through anything that can face.

DWS780 upgrades the bevel capabilities to the next step. Thanks to the many bevel angle, stop up to 49 degrees in both directions. With an oversized bevel device to change the blade orientation in seconds.

The specialized design of a miter saw the capabilities of mitering 60 degrees. To the right and 50 degrees to the left to face the most complex crosscutting.

They appreciate the DWS780  for its specified cutting capabilities. With the bevel adjustment system. and an effective cam lock miter button for a quick and accurate miter alteration.

Besides, the 10 positive stops. Incorporated into a full stain steel miter detent plate. Highlighting the most typical angles to reduce the preparation time.


A fundamental aspect of the DWS780 is its compatible design. Of the saw to maintain the motor and blade in a sliding rail. It permits the user to slide the blade in or out in the middle of the cutting sizes based on your reference.

The stainless steel rails feature a dual horizontal. And innovative clamping system to maintain the boards in place while cutting. Limiting the inaccuracy and poor finishes during the cutting process.

The DWS780 offers some extra mitering points. Other than the positive bevel and mitering angle, positive stops were provided. By the traditional miter saws.

The unique feature that separates the DWS780. from others is the cutline blade positioning mechanism. The XPS light laser resulted from the ultra-bright LED to reflect a laser shadow on the cutting areas.

While the cutline blade functions as a cutting guide system. An accurate placing of the blade will enhance the quality of the finishing trimming.


The DWS780 12-inch blade is as important as the motor. Featuring a 12-inch carbide blade with 60 teeth that can turn up to 3800 RPM.

Considering the two most crucial factors in designing that exceptional blade. To enhance the cutting capabilities and accuracy.

Primarily, the carbide material popularity to be sturdier than stainless steel. It is allowing the DWS780 to cut through robust materials. that can destroy traditional blades.

A blade with this tough construction enhances the blade’s longevity and durability. Limiting more expenses on replacing the blade. And increasing the precision and accuracy of the cuttings.

Furthermore, the number of teeth is also counted as an essential aspect. Most common miter saws contain about 24 to 100 teeth. As slower blades produce better and smoother finishes.

Based on that, the DWS780 has an average blade tooth and speed. As they increase the finish by the ability. To face various cuttings with high flexibility.

Dewalt DWS780 is a versatile miter saw. That does not stop you from employing many kinds of blades. It is permitting you to replace the standard blade through a quick and simple process.

Yet, it is better to go to the manual. Provided to determine which blades are compatible with the DWS780. With the same average range of 12″, including many teeth options. That best suits your needs.

Dewalt DWS779 vs. DWS780 12 inch double bevel sliding compound miter saws are amazing power tools. That will perform any job.

It is no wonder that it is hard to conclude what the differences are between them. Since they are almost identical in their engine systems features. and slight differences in the blade system.

The prime differences are in the DWS780 XPS system. more complicated laser cutting guide, and specific pricing.

We will be demonstrating these four factors. To compare the Dewalt DWS779 vs. DWS780 sliding compound miter saws.

DWS779 vs. DWS780 comparison:


Dewalt DWS779 12″ sliding compound miter saw. and Dewalt DWS780 12″ double bevel sliding compound miter saw. Operates by a 15amp motor with 3800 RPM speed.

This sort of 15amp motor provides a significant power incorporated in a round saw in a durable form. It is positioned on the shaft that revolves the edge’s disk. This motor style will supply the round saw with the force required. To spin the edge without overloaded speed.

This speed helps create cuts fast. And in a clean trimming, which is essential in quite all materials. Sharp and clean edges in cutting different materials state the quality. And the perfection of the miter saws.

Besides, this engine provides the saws with the impulse, which permits them to cut in a single move. Limiting the issue of needing to perform several cuttings. Through thick materials related to the cutting capabilities. That place both machines among the best on the market.

In conclusion since both machines use the same engine technology. There is no distinctive difference between them. Trusting both tools to deliver the same reliability of the motor. And capacity provides an effective performance of the round saw.


DWS779 and the DWS780 Dewalt’s miter saws crafts their 12-inch blades. With the weight of 60lbs from a stainless miter detent plate. The slight difference is that DWS779 comes with a stainless steel blade. And the DWS890 adds a carbide blade.

The DWS780 construct blades from tungsten carbide. Which is a chemical mixture of tungsten and carbon. That is thicker than alternative materials. and metals and is well known for its adaptability and durability.

It offers an edge with abrasive resistance compared to other materials, lessening the worry about friction during the cutting process operation. Even when adjusting the engine at its greatest speed.

Usually, users prefer carbide-made tools to have better performance. since the cuts are cleaner and smoother, creating sharp edges. Besides, they do not need high maintenance. They can stay sharp for a long time and cannot bend. This means that the structure. And will not affect sturdiness even with the saw at the highest speeds.

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Guide system

This is one of the factors that differ between Dewalt DWS779 VS DWS780. The DWS779 utilizes a conventional and dependable laser cut line system. While the DWS780 features an XPS system that integrates a bright led light. That reflects on the blade’s length.

The XPS system’s technology permits the chop to create a shadow. that tracks the blade’s movement. They also position and align the XYZ crosscuts alignment system. to provide a trace without any adjustments required.

The led light reflected has the proper level of brightness. To supply a very clear-cutting trace. By the round, blade is interfering with the led light. And creating a trace that makes cutting much simpler.

The XPS system’s advantage in the Dewalt dws780 is maintaining quite the precise alignment while cutting. In contrast, the conventional laser cut line in dws799. Has more chances to move away from the alignment system by time or frequent usage.

Yet, such technology’s only drawback is that it depends on the led light brightness. Integrated by the saw and the reflected shadow by the wood pieces. So, the light is created in certain working environments. It can be affected by the light’s brightness. May affect the led light, and the shadow may become less visible.


Determining which machine to buy narrows down to the pricing. This is about a 200$ difference in the price between the DW779 VS DWS780. Many people cannot afford to spend.

This distinctive gap between the prices relates to the XPS system. Generally, both miter saws are identical except for the laser guide system. which needs consideration when determining which version to buy.

Your preference to operate using such a sophisticated system. or a conventional laser guide system will work for your needs.

The XPS offers huge support to most beginners and professional carpenters. The toughest part of employing a chop saw is the alignment process. During the cutting of most materials. And enjoy the simplicity of operating their tools. Limiting the time spent in maintaining a perfect alignment.

In conclusion, if you want to enjoy the XPS system’s advantages, invest in the Dewalt DWS780. In comparison, if you will do with a traditional laser guide, then go for the DWS779.

Extra features

The bonus structures featured in the two miter saws are Dewalt’s exceptional design. Of the exclusive back fence design. That cuts boards with the dimensional width at 90 degrees of 2×16″ and 2×12″ at 45 degrees.

Robust dust capturing system will maintain your working area clean. And assist in keeping your eyes, nose, and skin clean and healthy.

Both Dewalt’s miter saws versions have an included super-efficient dust collection system. that captures over 75% of the dust resulted from a regular cutting process of any material in a dust bag.

Most beginners and professional users find. Having that capacity in the chop saw back fence design. To enable cutting that dimensional lumber with those angles. Very useful to finish their projects with ease.

The effective dust collection system. Incorporated in the two miter saws is one of the top desired characteristics. Most chop saw create a lot of wood dust residues due to their fast movements. These residues can damage your sight. And enter your nose and mouth. Resulting in an uncomfortable, itchy feeling and can cause health hazards.


Both constructions of the miter saws are from high-quality materials with few differences. Featuring great details like cutting the crafted round saw. To operate sharp and clean angles and many alternative blade positioning systems.

About adaptability and ease of use, the DWS779 is good. Yet, the DWS780 is the best if your intentions to carry out heavy-duty project designs. With lots of details and accuracy.

This is when you need the XPS crosscut systems the most to maintain the quality of your cuts at the top. The durability will also perform the cut of Dewalt’s reliable structure. And materials.

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What We Like And Do Not Like about Dewalt DWS779 and Dewalt DWS780:

Dewalt DWS779

Dewalt DWS779
What We Like
  • Dust collection system
  • Excellent power
  • High-quality build
  • Reasonable price relative to the DWS780
  • Ease of usage
  • Three-year warranty
What We Don’t Like
  • Lack of XPS system
  • The laser guide is not ideal for outdoor circumstances

Dewalt DWS780

What We Like
  • XPS system
  • Superior cut accuracy
  • Extra carbide blade
  • Durability
  • Durability
  • Dust collection system
  • High-quality build
  • Excellent power
  • Three-year warranty
What We Don’t Like
  • Leaning towards the expensive side of the spectrum

What Is In The Box?

Dewalt DWS779:

● User Guide

● Blade Wrench

● Miter Saw

Dewalt DWS780:

● Vertical Material Clamp

● Dust Bag

● Blade Wrench

● Carbide Blade

● 12-inch Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Frequently asked questions about Dewalt DWS779 VS DWS780:

What are the various forms of miter saws?

  • Compound miter saw: it is the saw that cuts wood. Through the adjustment of the blade positioning system to the left or the right at a certain angle.
  • Sliding miter saw: it is the saw with the edge sliding forward and backward to create wider board cuts.
  • Compound sliding chop saw: it is the saw the features both bevel and miters cuts with a sliding edge. It is the combination of both the sliding and compound miter saws.
  • Dual bevel compound sliding chop saw: it is the ideal in all miters combining all three factors. While providing the flexibility of creating bevels to the right and left.

What are the gains and drawbacks of miter saws?


  • Easiness: an average user can easily operate the chop saw right after reading the manual. Offering the capability of creating various types of complex cuttings with any angles.
  • Saving time and energy: the miter saw’s edge capability to rotate with the speed limits between 2,000 and 5,000 RPM. Permits cutting at an exceptional speed. With minimal labour compared to the manual saws.
  • Versatile angles: chop saw can offer many cutting angles. From crosscuts, mitering and beveled cuts to compound cuts.
  • High quality: operating with a miter saw that includes a high teeth count. Permits cleaner and sharp cutting edges compared to the manual saw.
  • Precision: The ability to perform certain angles gets continual cuttings. With the same dimensional lumber and specifications.


  • Messy: the creation of a lot of dust and mess resulted from the cutting process.
  • Expensive: most basic chop saws cost around 100$. Which is quite affordable for such a powerful tool but still costs more than the manual saws.
  • Size and weight restrictions: the inconvenience of a miter saw’s size and weight. Maybe an issue that you will face and must learn to tolerate.

How to use a Dewalt sliding miter saw?

Utilizing a sliding chop saw gets cutting thick and wide wood boards simpler in no time. Besides, both amateurs and professional carpenters use this powerful tool. For it is an easiness to assemble and operate. Let me show the steps of using such a powerful tool.

  • Start by positioning the piece of wood you need to cut against the back fence. And clamping it down to maintain it in place. That will assist you in creating accurate cuts and limit any hazards.
  • Then pull the sliding saw blade wrench in your direction, releasing it onto its rails. Keep pulling until the edge positioning is on the edge of the nearest wood.
  • Push the trigger to turn on the saw and wait for the blade’s spinning to reach the desired speed.
  • Pay attention always to slide the edge forward and backward. During the edge rotation and cutting through the wood board.
  • After you finish cutting through the board. Pull the sliding chop saw and re-push the trigger to stop the edge’s rotation.

What are essential tips to remember while using a chop saw?

It is important to use some safety measures while operating with such power tools. As they may be dangerous and requires following some instructions such as.

  • Understand the manual guide provided with the saw before deploying it. It will assist in taking you through the steps of the correct management for the chop saw.
  • It is a must to put on your safety gear before your cuttings.
  • The chop saw and its handles can gain warmth while operating. Ensure to wear the guard gloves and keep away your skin from always contacting the gadget.
  • If you are working on a huge project that will create a lot of debris and dust. Remember to always put on your dust mask to prevent inhaling such residues.
  • Make sure that no water enters your saw during your maintenance. to limit any electrical dangers.
  • Regular maintenance of the saw is a must to help you maintain precise cuts for a long time. Ensuring the oiling and cleaning of your tool.

How to enhance and improve your chop saw performance?

  • Select durable and sharp edges that work well with the project required. Suppose you felt that the edges are getting overheated or vibrating, it best to replace them.
  • It is best to buy a chop saw with a locking mechanism. To maintain the board in place during the cuttings. And increase the cuts’ accuracy and precision.
  • It will help buy a saw with a back fence mechanism if your project requires cutting a long wood board.

Final thoughts

There is no doubting that the DWS780 is a notable miter saw. Even though that is hardly ever unexpected. Thinking about DEWALT’s popularity for production high-satisfactory strength tools. The training they have found out. From developing an extended line of the Dewalt DWS780’s predecessors.

While there are extra effective miter saws available. It is nonetheless extra than able to deal with the desires of most DIYers. And experts way to its punchy 3,800 RPM output and its 60-enamel carbide edge. That integrate to offer it with its mind-blowing reducing performance.

The DEWALT DWS779 12″ sliding compound miter noticed a top-notch blend. Among ease of use, energy, and money price.

It is easy enough and functions first-rate protection functions. That means that novices should not scare or put-off. But effective enough and full of special functions. To make it a critical contender. Because of the cross-to energy device for the expert tradesperson.

Throw in DEWALT’s stellar recognition for designing and production quality. Low-cost energy tools, and you cannot cross incorrect with the DWS779 miter noticed.

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