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How to Change the Blade on Angle Grinders?

If you are starting your journey in repairing, decorating, cutting or polishing or, you must be familiar with the angle grinder tool, for one main reason, it does all of this in one grind. But to use the angle grinder for as long as possible, you need to change the blade on it frequently. 

When Do You Need to Change the Blade?

Although, there is nothing known as the exact time to change the blade as the need to change it, depends either on the number of times it has been used in and what it has been used for. There is a sign that your blade needs to be thrown out and replaced.

You might want to replace it when the disk gets haggard into two plates or the screw holding it in its place gets worn out

You’ll ask does this apply to all types of disks? Yes, it does.

How to Change the Blade on Angle Grinders?

Anyone can change the blade, it doesn’t require a handyman to do this job. But nearly everyone will tell you to be careful when changing the blade and even when using the grinder, why?  Because one rookie mistake may either cause distortion to the thing you are cutting or your hands.

Can’t you just buy a new grinder? You can but why cost yourself more money when you can be cautious.

So, to do this job safely, easily and with no damages, you have to follow five easy steps:

However, to follow these steps, the blade must be under one important condition; which is: there mustn’t be any power or pressure applied on the blade. The angle grinder must be turned off, removed from any source of power and placed on an upright table.

The Required Tools:

Firstly you’ll need a set of tools to help you with your job: 

  • a screwdriver 
  • a wrench 
  • a vise grip
  •  Prongs
  • new disc
  •  hammer (optional).

After you set your tools, turn your angle grinder off or remove its batteries, you have to the first safety check. You need to do two things before you start your handy job:

  • you need to wear protective safety glasses and gloves.
  • you have to double-check disconnecting the power of your angle grinder to avoid any accidental injuries from “accidentally turning it on”.

5 Easy Steps for Easily Changing the Blade:

  1. Use a screwdriver to remove the blade guard if exists. If not, press the spindle-lock button and nudge the disc until it locks, you can use the vise grip for easier movement. You can also turn the grinder upside down while holding the button, for a more convenient movement.
  2. Now, the old blade is ready to be removed, loosen the arbor nut (the circle lock holding the blade to grinder) first by rotating it by using the wrench, then, carefully lift the old blade away.
  3. Add the new blade, lock the spindle on it along with arbor nut.
  4. Make sure you have tightened the arbor nut enough to hold the blade from moving and that you have locked the spindle tightly. You can use a wrench to tighten the arbor nut or you can use the hammer.
  5. Sharpen the blade as a final touch by aligning the wheel with the angle and moving it in a steady motion across the blade.

After following these steps, you must do a final safety check, you’ll need to do three things:

  • Try the new blade in a protected place before using it on your work, to make sure it’s placed in the right form and it doesn’t have any defects. And also, to ensure that your lock button is well- tightened.
  • Direct it downward while using it.
  • Don’t sharpen the blade unless you will use it for cutting a heavy metal.

At this point, you have done the job, you are safe from any injuries and you can cut anything you want!

P.S.: By using an angle grinder, you can do more than just cutting or grinding metal and tile.

What are the Several other Uses of an Angle Grinder?

It is widely used in metalworking and construction business. Moreover, it is used to sharpen, polish with sand, loose paint removal and smooth the edges. It is also known as diamond blade as it is used to shape diamonds by cutting them off in a certain frame.

They are found almost everywhere, in workshops, auto-body repair shops, garages and, of course, online at Amazon, Lumber, Meza-shop and other shops.

If it wasn’t for angle grinder, we wouldn’t have had the privilege of sitting on decorated wood-chairs, look out for Santa from well-made chimneys nor wear fancy diamonds.

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