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How to Change a Circular Saw’s Blade?

Does your saw blade take a longer time to perform its task?

Do you hear the motor on your saw straining?

Then your saw’s blade has gone dull. Your best option is to change the blade. It is a relatively straightforward task. It saves you both money and time, as a dull blade will take more time to complete its task, and it might ruin your project as well.

Other situations will require you to change your saw’s blade. For instance, you need to cut a pipe or a piece of metal, and your installed blade only cuts wood. Therefore, you will have to replace your wood-cutting blade with a metal-cutting one.

Throughout this article, we will demonstrate the easiest methods of replacing your old blade with a new one.


The most crucial step of replacing a dull blade is safety. You need to make sure that you are entirely safe to avoid any injuries. First of all, you will have to make sure that your saw is not plugged into any electrical output. If you own a cordless saw, you will need to make sure that the battery is removed. As if at any time during the process of removing the old blade or installing the new one, the saw turns on, you might be seriously injured.

You also have to wear safety gloves at all times to avoid being cut by the blade. However, if you do not like wearing safety gloves, then we recommend using a rag whenever you are touching the blade, however, wearing gloves is much safer as it fully protects your finger and your hands.


These arrows are your guidelines for changing your blade. They make the process much more comfortable. All you have to do is match the direction of lines on the blade with the lines on the saw itself. Moreover, you should always remember that the company’s logo is always on the front of the blade; therefore, the side with the logo is always the side facing upwards.

Blade Release

This feature is mostly present in newer saw blades. This makes it a lot easier to remove dull blades and install new ones. All you have to do is just press on the blade release, and then unscrew the blade using a wrench. Finally, you need to install the new blade and secure its bolt using the same wrench.

Older Models

Older circular blade models do not contain a blade release, so the process of replacing blades is a bit different. You should, first of all, check for the presence of a spinlock button (mostly present near the blade guard). This button prevents the motor shaft from spinning while you unscrew the bolt.

You should press the spinlock button while spinning the blade (while wearing safety gloves, of course). Once you feel that the blade stopped turning, you should start to unscrew the bolt using a wrench. You should then remove the bolt. If the lower blade guard is in your way, all you have to do it spin it upwards, then remove the blade. Finally, you will need to install the new blade by merely adding it and screwing the bolt back in. 

If your circular saw does not contain a spin lock button, all you have to do it to point your blade towards a piece of wood and make sure that it does not slip. Then you will proceed by following the same steps.


Replacing a dull blade is an opportunity that you need to seize. This is the perfect time to clean both the upper and lower guard of your blade to remove all the accumulated dust and dirt. This is a crucial step to maintain the efficiency and durability of your saw. As cleaning the guards will make your saw perform better.

Final thoughts

Changing your saw blade is a straightforward task, it requires minimum effort, and it will only take five minutes of your time. However, it will save you lots of time and money as your saw’s efficiency and durability will become better through the usage of a new, clean, and sharp blade.

Finally, we can all agree that changing your saw’s blade is an essential skill. It will make you very versatile, as you will be able to cut wood, pipes, and metal through using all different types of blades.

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