How To Choose The Right Brad Nailer?

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Are you planning to finish the DIY projects or the working site projects? Not sure which tool to get your hands on, then choose the brad nailers, which help you finish the projects immediately. Brad nailers are designed in such a way that they are easily accessible to the DIYers, which allows proper finishing and molding. 

You are now minutes away from tackling the furniture, cabinet projects without even bruising the thumbnails. So how can you choose the best brad nailers which come in top-notch quality, suiting all your project needs? 

Types of best brad nailers

Before we jump onto the best brad nailers in the market, let’s dive in to have a look at different types of brad nailers:

There are different types of brad nailers available in the market, which are meant for those who are pro at it or those who buy it for DIY purposes. 

The two basic types of brad nailers include electric and pneumatic. Each of the brad nailers comes with advantages and disadvantages, which helps you choose the best brad nailers in the market.

1-Pneumatic nailers

Pneumatic nailers

Pneumatic nailers, for instance, make use of compressed air for driving the nail within the workpiece. They are available in different styles, including roofing nailers, framing nailers, brad nailers, pin nailers and finish nailers. Pneumatic nailers are designed in such a way that they are simple and easy to use. They are eventually less expensive compared to the electric ones. You don’t usually face any issues while working with the pneumatic nailers. However, pneumatic nailers are the ones that need maintenance and extra attention with regular oiling to keep it all upgraded. 

The drawback you’ll face with the pneumatic nailers is that they require a hose with an air compressor, making it inconvenient and loud to use. Moreover, you can face the tripping hazard with the use of pneumatic nailers. Finally, it limits the usage range with mobility for the carpenters. 

2-Electric nailers

Electric nailers

Electric nailers are the ones that make use of electricity for fastening the nails. They are available in two designs which include corded and cordless nailers. 

Corded nailers need you to plug in the switch of this tool within the outlet or the extension cord for a power source. 

The essential benefit of using corded nailers is that you don’t need to worry about battery issues—no more hassle working on DIY projects while using this brad nailer. ( You may also like Brad Nailer vs Finish Nailer )

Cordless brad nailers, on the other hand, come with batteries. They serve as an excellent choice in terms of portability and size of the nailers. It is a perfect choice for homeowners with extended service life. 

How to choose the best brad nailers?

So are you wondering what to look at when buying the best brad nailers? The essential considerations to look at when choosing the brad nailer includes the following nice features:

1-Depth of drive

Depth of drive brad nailers

Brad nailer reaches in a different way to different materials. For instance, when you drive the nail with the pinewood, it drives down the nails correctly, giving a finished, smooth look. Moreover, if you drive this same nail within the more rigid materials, for instance, in oak, it leaves the nail’s head standing over the surface to around ⅛ inches. 

To help you choose the best brad nailer in the market, choose the one that features depth adjustment. Tool-free depth adjustment is another practical feature for precise nail placement.

In addition, the best brad nailer would be designed in such a way that it adjusts the thumb screws allowing you to achieve perfectly finished results. 

However, if you are buying a pneumatic brad nailer, you should bear in mind that it works using air compressors which means their speed depends on its pressure. 

2-Tool-free jam release

The nail guns are meant to jam from now and then because of several reasons. It can either occur accidentally because of inserting the wrong-sized nails within the magazine, improper pressure when inserting the nails or when you pull the trigger twice. Jams can occur because of whatever reason. To avoid affecting the workflow, you can invest in nailers which feature a quick-release mechanism or a tool-free jam release mechanism. Such best brad nailer comes with textured or knurled knobs allowing users to take the entire mechanism within the hands of the users clearing the jam immediately without any hassle. 

No more looking out for the pliers or the wrench allowing the jam to clear, eventually allowing you to work correctly. 

3-Dry Lockout

Dry Lockout of brad nailers

Are you working on a particular project where you cannot afford to have an empty magazine? Likewise, when you work on cabinets, tight spaces, or over the ceilings, you can’t afford to run out of nails, for which you need a brad nailer that comes with a dry lockout feature. 

If you don’t buy the brad nailers with this feature, then it can leave a mark on your project, which you need to fill up later on. 

Brad nailers having a dry lockout feature tell you when you are out of nails. This prevents you from marrying over the workpiece and also ensure extended service life. 

4-Exhaust Air Control

Exhaust Air Control

The exhaust ports within a brad nailer allow you to identify the safer options for comfortable use. Look out for the best brad nailers in the market, which feature exhaust air control settings allowing you to work directly over the exhaust port in the opposite direction of the face or the dust pile. The 360-degree adjustable exhaust port is also available in many brand nailers.

You can twist the plastic covers over the rear part in brad nailers allowing you to point the airburst in the opposite direction from ears, eyes, and face. These brad nailers are best, allowing you to stay safe and clean. 

5-Easy usage

Most brad nailers are designed in such a way that they allow you to work correctly on a workpiece. But it’s best to select the ones that come with a design that is easy to use and will enable you to work over more delicate details. 

The product quality, construction, functioning, and much more tells you how easy it is to use the best brad nailers. Moreover, choose the brad nailer that allows you to quickly fill the nails and then release them on your working site. And lightweight tool with an ergonomic handle will be a blessing to your workspace. 

6-Nail modes control

Nail modes control

Brad nailers are designed so that they work in two ways, like a single shot or automatic. If you usually work over large pieces, it’s best to get your hands over the automatic brad nailers to complete your job faster. Using automatic mode allows you to press down the trigger and bump its nose over the workpiece when firing the nail. 

However, when performing crown molding and small trimming projects, you should opt for brad nailers that come in single shots. First, position down the brad nailers over the workpiece where you desire to press the nails. Then pull down the trigger and then place down the nails. A lightweight design is handier.

7-Nail Capacity and the brad length

Nail Capacity and the brad length

So what’s more that you should know while buying the best brad nailers for efficient operation:

Best brad nailers are constructed using 0.05 inches thick 18-gauge steel. They come with small heads that help them create holes that are tiny and not that visible at times of finishing. So if you plan on considering the brad length, it varies from 0.5 to 2.5 inches, but others in the market help you accommodate different sizes. 

Brad comes with collated strips which makes them easy to load. In addition, the best brad nailers come with a nail capacity of around 100 brad nailers at once, which allows you to complete the project.

7-Runtime for battery-powered brad nailers

Cordless or battery-powered nailer is the type of electric nailers. They run at around 18 or 20 volts. First, the startup of the electric motor, and then they settle down at the nominal voltage. The voltage of the brad nailers remains constant once you start working on them, so choose the ones wisely that offer you enough working time and battery power with an ergonomic handle. 

Best brad nailers in the market

To help you get sorted, we have also listed down some best brad nailers to make your working experience fun-filled. They are not many expensive nailers especially when it comes to seeing their worth in terms of performance for extended periods. Dive in to have a look at some best brad nailers, which we consider the best ones available in the market with efficient operation and extended service life:

  • CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless Brad Nailer Kit, 18GA
  • PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Cordless Brad Nailer Kit, 18GA
  • Makita XNB01Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 2″ Brad
  • KIMO 20V 18 Gauge Cordless Stapler Kit/ Brad Nailer
  • Cordless Brad Nailer, NEU MASTER NTC0023 Rechargeable
  • DEWALT 20V MAX Cordless Brad Nailer Kit, 18GA


You should never overlook the safety features of your brad nailer. Always use safety goggles or safety glasses while working. Read proper setting instructions before use. Always prefer a comfortable grip and precise nail placement.

We have suggested some most practical features to help you buy a brad nailer that can serve you the best with efficient operation and extended service life.

So without delaying any further and wondering which brad nailer works best for your work needs. Instead, get your hands on the best brad nailer based on the features listed above that best meets your needs to archive the extraordinary finishing in your projects.

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