How to Use an Angle Grinder?

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Angle Grinders have multiple uses due to its high versatility and portability. Your grinder is equipped to tackle many tasks, from cutting and sanding to removing excess materials and polishing.

You do not need to worry as your Angle Grinder comes equipped with all the additional accessories that you might require to perform different tasks.

Usages and Accessories

To start, all the things that you are working on need to be held down by a clamp to prevent them from moving, as this may cause significant injuries. If you are cutting a piece of wood or metal using the Angle Grinder’s cutting stone, then the best way to do this would be the first to mark the piece that you need to cut and then start your task. This is done so that you get a perfect cut out.

As I stated before, the Angel Grinder usually comes with all the accessories that you might require to perform your tasks, from different wheels to the tools that are needed to change the wheels and operate them.

Usually, five different types of wheels and discs are:

1.   The regular grinding stone used for metal

2.   A cutting disk that is used for cutting

3.   The one made out of stainless steel mainly used for cleaning

4.   A sanding disk used for polishing

5.   A sanding flap disk

I will talk about each type of disc separately and discuss the best manners of it’s usage

The Regular Grinding Stone

Each attachment is best suited for a specific type of job. To start things off, the regular grinding stone is perfect for grinding metal. The grinder should be almost parallel to the piece of metal that you are working on. 

If you notice that sparks are flying to your right side, then you are on the right track as this is an indication that you are on the twelve o’clock position, which is the perfect position for grinding.

The Cutting Disk

Angle Grinders are excellent in cutting wood, metal or tin. You will first need to clamp down the piece that you are cutting and make sure that it is secured, then you will need to mark your required cut, after that, you will need to adjust your cutter to 20 to 30 angle and finally begin the cutting process. 

You will notice that the sparks mainly fly downward, and a small stream of them will be upward, and this is how you know that you are on the right track.

The Stainless Steel Disk

You can use your Angle Grinder to clean almost anything from your tools to your bathroom and even metal. The step to do this is ease. First, you will need to install the cleaning disk on your Angle Grinder, and then you will need to position the angle grinder to an almost parallel degree to your surface or angle of 10 degrees, finally followed by smooth down strokes to clean off any rust or dust. 

The Sanding Disk and The Sanding Flap Disk 

A small important detail would be to allow the Angel Grinder to reach its full speed before using it clean any surface.

Using either the sanding disk or the sanding flap disk is fairly similar. As they are both used for polishing, they both require to be installed first, then for the object to be clamped down and secured and finally perform upward and downward strokes on the object.


Many people disregard their safety when using the Angle Grinders. The major mistake that many people commit when using Angle Grinder is that they tend to remove the guard. The guard is very important to protect you from touching the blade and from catching any sparks.

You should always wear safety goggles as well as safety gloves and long sleeves. One of the best things about Angel Grinders is that the handle can be moved from the left to the right to accommodate the user if he is either left-handed or right-handed.

Final Thoughts

Finally, Angle Grinder is an excellent piece of machinery that has multiple uses. It can also be easily used by anyone who has basic knowledge about tools. Moreover, its multiple usages make it perfect for domestic use.

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