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WEN 4276 Bench Grinder Review

Are you a beginner who is just starting out his small shop? You find yourself searching for the best bench grinder to help you in your casual work. If you are looking for an affordable bench grinder for a great value, then look no further. The WEN 4276 can make your tasks easier just for a few bucks. 

The 16-pound bench grinder is easily portable and can fit anywhere. The total dimensions of 14x10x15 inches make it suitable for any workspace you have. You might think this small bench grinder wouldn’t be effective, right? Check out the features, and you be the judge.


The WEN 4276 is powered by a 2.1 AMP motor. Its no-load speed is 3450 RPM ( Rotations per minute). Considering its small dimensions, these numbers are impressive. It can sharpen the toughest steel. The power switch is conveniently placed at the front of the unit to make it easily accessible. 

The motor doesn’t stall. Even if you press hard against the wheels, it keeps a smooth performance. However, this is not a heavy-duty model. It’s powerful enough to sharpen any tool, and it is the best option for casual woodworkers. 

Regarding noise, the motor doesn’t make much noise due to its small size. You don’t need ear protection, and you will not annoy your neighbors. However, if the noise is no concern for you, you can get a more premium model like the Grizzly G0599 or the DeWalt DW758. These models are made for professionals, so they are good options when you decide to upgrade later.

Keeping in mind the power of the motor, we don’t recommend polishing high-density materials like metals on it. If it’s a one-time thing, you can do it, but the motor will get fatigued from this hard task. 

So keep it simple and remember why you chose this model in the first place. The motor will thank you if you stick to casual grinding and general tool sharpening.

Grinding Wheel 

The WEN 4276 is provided with a 6-inch grinding wheel that will allow you to work comfortably. However, you can switch to the bigger 8-inch diameter option. Moreover, it has an arbor size of half-inch, so it can easily sharpen large tools like chisels or even knives.

Furthermore, you have two different grit sizes to choose from. Depending on your purpose, you can either use a fine 60-grit wheel or a coarser 30-grit one. In addition to general-purpose grinding work and sharpening your tools, it will give you the versatility you need to perform material removal and polishing. 

You might be worried about the grinding wheel chipping away or breaking over time. The WEN 4276 provides a grinding wheel made from high-quality mineral material, so put your mind to ease. 


This model is provided with a large base to contribute to its stability. All you have to do is provide a flat surface and enjoy the high degree of accuracy and utility. General note, the more stable the bench grinder is, the more productive and safe you become. 

You can sharpen a lot of tools quickly, but you have to be careful as this model doesn’t come with insert mount holes. So it can’t be secured to a workbench with bolts. However, if you don’t do anything out of the ordinary, this won’t be a problem for you. 


Any tool won’t be used if it doesn’t provide enough safety. We can easily claim that safety is the most important aspect when it comes to power tools. The spark deflector used to protect you from debris and sparks during your sharpening is transparent in this model, giving you visibility to see what you’re grinding. 

As mentioned earlier, the noise is quite low, so you can go ahead and take off your ear protection. The spark deflector also does a great job of limiting the noise. However, it wouldn’t hurt you to use one if it’s already available at your disposal. 

The deflector is movable, which means you can position it in the way that best suits you to perform your tasks in the easiest of ways. Great deflector, right? 

The work light is detachable, which provides clear visibility to the work area. It is also fast and quick to relocate if required. The clip-on system makes this task quite easy. Don’t forget that the position of the power switch, as mentioned earlier. It’s right at the front in case of an emergency. You can easily switch it off. 


Price is what brought you here in the first place. This model is so affordable and best bang for your buck. You can check a quick comparison between other options here.

The WEN 4276 is so competitive because of its price. It’s so hard to find a better model than this one in the same price range. So if this is a hobby of yours or you are just starting out your small shop, stop searching, you’ve found your grinder. 

What We Like 

  • Affordable.Best value for money
  • No ear protection required
  • Clip-on light system 
  • Room for improvement, if you decide to upgrade to the 8-inch wheel
  • The position of the power button right at the front of the unit
  • The amazing deflector 
  • The ability to choose between a 60-grit or 30-grit wheel

What We Don’t Like 

  • Not the greatest when it comes to performance
  • Not a good idea if you decide to polish  high-density materials like metals
  • Many parts are made from plastic which explains the lightness of the device
  • The lack of insert holes for the grinder to be bolted to the bench for more stability

Final thoughts

If you are just starting, then buying this model is a no brainer. If you are on a budget and you don’t require special features, then you got the best bench grinder here

Stabilize your bench. Don’t tire your motor with heavy-duty. Follow all the safety precautions and get started with your little workshop. Your neighbors will also thank you for buying this model. And don’t worry, once you’re professional enough, you can just upgrade the wheel or buy a bigger model. Remember you didn’t pay much in this one in the first place. Besides, by that time, you would have already got your money’s worth.

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