WEN 6550 Thickness Planer 2021 Review

There is a myriad of benchtop thickness planers available in the market. The options will make you feel overwhelmed. However, you must look for the planer that comes with the dust port and sharp knife. These features are fulfilled by purchasing Wen 6550.

Wen 6550 is the amazing model thickness planer that allows you to carry out all kinds of wood projects smoothly. It bids farewell to the old-fashioned way to flattening the boards and reduce the overall thickness of the wood.

It is lightweight and durable equipment that helps you make cabinets and furniture pieces without much hassle. It can handle soft to hardwoods. It is widely used in the workshops for carrying out all kinds of wood related projects.

With the help of this tool, you can work with the wooden boards that are of 12.5 inches in its width and 6 inches in thickness.

The best part of this model thickness planer is that it is available at an affordable price. If you have a tight budget, you can buy this planer for your workshop to carry out all the woodworks smoothly.

The tool is liked equally by the carpenters and woodworkers due to its rich functionality and impressive features. It adds high value to the money you spent on buying this tool. It is a must-add wood tool in your toolbox.

The homeowners, DIY users can also use it, and contractors to flatten the wood up to the thickness you want to make any furniture piece. Be it you want to rough cut the lumber for your basement or craft a table for your outdoors; you can use this tool to smoothen and cut the thickness of the wood as per the requirement.

It occupies the right amount of space in the workshop for infeed and outfeed for performing the task. If you have enough space in your workshop, then this tool adds a lot of value in the workshop with its fantastic functionality.

Specification of Wen 6550

Here are the specifications of Wen 6550

  • Powerful 15 amp motor
  • 12.5-inch width capacity
  • Adjustable depth up to 3/32 inches for every pass
  • Collapsible granite table
  • 2-year warranty
  • Product weight is 70 pounds
  • Dimensions are 23.5 x 24 x 19 inches

Features of Wen 6550

Here are the features that are grabbing the eyes of many woodworkers to buy this tool

Easy to adjust rubber handle

The Wen 6550 is made using superior quality materials and has easy to hold rubber handle. The handle allows you to adjust the height of the planer with ease. You can also adjust the measurements without any hassle using this handle.

Dust connection port

The tool is equipped with a dust hose collection hole that is of 2 inches. The dust extract device enables you to collect the sawdust and debris that is otherwise scattered in your workshop and make it troublesome for you to carry out the woodworking tasks.

The dust extraction is connected to the fan dust port. It makes the cleaning process a piece of cake for the carpenters and woodworkers. The wood chips and sawdust will not stick to the table anymore.

It wipes off the debris easily. It keeps the dirt in a place and avoids unnecessary accidents due to the accumulation of dust in the workshop.

Roller feeding machine

The tool comes with the tri-roller feeding machine, which will help you to reduce the snipe. Apart from this, the machine also comes with a dual blade that you can find amidst the roller.

You can reverse the dual-blade. When one side of the blade is worn out or blunt, you can reverse the blunt and use the sharp side to perform the woodwork tasks.

Out-feed and infeed

It comes with easy to fold out-feed and in-feed table. There is ample support offered to the wood pieces that you are going to cut up to the required thickness while moving through the planer. You can adjust the table to the angle that allows you to flatten the wood boards smoothly.

Granite table

The benchtop thickness planer has a granite table that is of top-notch quality. Despite extreme wear and tear, the table lasts longer.

The table allows you to cut the lumber boards smoothly on its flat surface.

It can accommodate all types of woods on it. The granite table will not get distorted or wrapped. The best part of the table is that it offers you with the smooth surface that is non-marrying.

Mounting holes

Few holes are drilled to the tool. So, you can mount the machine on the table rigidly without letting it lose its stability. Despite there are pre-drilled holes, but the construction of the tool is highly durable and robust.

Powerful motor

The Wen 6550 comes with the 15 amp motor that allows you to plane all types of woods at a brisk pace. The motor will power the feeder and the cutting head. It can cut the wood into small pieces with its 18000 rpm speed, and the feed will pull 26 inches every minute.

Dual blade

The SK-5 dual blade of the tool will give smooth and fine lumber. You can also attain the thickness that you want with ease. The rotating blade will remove 0 to 3/32 inches for every spin.

It can handle the wooden boards that are of 12.5 inches in width and 6 inches of thickness. You can also reverse the blades and use them. The blades are also durable and last longer irrespective of you using it in any kind of working condition.

Snipe resistant

Snipe would make a few portions of the wood pieces tough to reuse. However, this model comes with the tri-roller feeding system that reduces snipe to a greater extent.

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Benefits of using this benchtop thickness planer

Few of the benefits of using this useful woodworking tool include:

Easy to use

It helps you to plane the wood briskly and efficiently. You can remove the wood as per the thickness you want to make any furniture item. There are no indents that are left at the edges of the wooden board.

The feed tables equipped to the machine would let you adjust the height of the wood. The planning gauge would give you the readings on how much wood you must cut in every pass.

Simple to handle

The large wooden pieces are easy to handle using this tool. You will never face any difficulty in removing the layers of wood up to your desired thickness. It is lightweight and has a sturdy construction.

Reasonable price

The quality of the product is exceptional. You do not have to break the bank to get this tool for your workshop. You just have to pay USD 311. This amount will reduce the efforts you put in to plane the wood.

Easy to replace the blades

The index pins, along with the installation magnets, make sure that you fit the blades to the thickness planer properly. It is easy to align the blades to make it work optimally.

Offer good stability

The machine is well-engineering. It has a stable base that allows you to carry out the woodwork smoothly. The granite table offers good support to the wood that you are feeding to the planer to plane it up to the appropriate thickness. The table also makes sure that the wood does not get damaged while shaving it.

The base made using the cast iron would offer better stability. It is durable and reduces the change of the machine to slide off while you are working on it. It avoids accidents due to the instability of the machine. You can secure the base using the screws and the available mounting holes at the bottom. It keeps the machine stable.


The weight of the machine allows you to carry it to any place with ease. If you have to go to the construction, you can carry this machine along with you to plane the wood at the site. The weight of the machine would be 70 lbs. Though it is lightweight, it won’t tremble when you are working on it.


The thickness planers are not portable. However, this model comes with handles on either side or a table that is easy to fold, which makes it pretty easy for you to move from one job to another. The longer cords give you the freedom to carry out woodwork across your workshop, i.e., wherever it is convenient for you.

Attain precision

The best part of this tool is that it allows you to attain a precision of the woodwork. The rubber made handle enables you to adjust the height of the planer to achieve the accuracy of smoothening the wood. For every rotation, you can adjust the height of the planer by 1/16th inch.

Sturdy construction

The cast iron base and granite table make this tool sturdy and comfortable for professionals to work on simple to complicated wood projects. The robust construction of the tool won’t move or tremble while working.

Minimal maintenance

The maintenance that is required for this product is low and comes with a good warranty, which is a clear indicator of the product quality.

Pros and Cons of Wen 6550

These are the pros and cons of this Wen 6550  model benchtop thickness planer:

  • Allows you to adjust the height of the knob to change the width and height of the tool to accommodate all types of wooden boards.
  • Supports 6 inches thickness and 12.5 inches width.
  • The depth plane allows you to adjust the amount of wood you want to remove from the board.
  • Dust collection port has a fan so that there would not be any clogging of dust in the motor or inference to the vision.
  • Cast iron frame adds stability and keeps the vibrations that are produced by the motor at bay.
  • Handle on either side of the tool would look like a human hand and reduces the fatigue and discomfort that is caused while accessing the tool.
  • Drilled holes to the machine would act like mounting holes to mount the planer to the floor rigidly.
  • Easy to adjust rubber handles.
  • Promote adjustment of blades equipped to the planer despite the hands being slick.
  • Tri-roller system equipped to the tools will allow you to cut the wooden boards’ plane without any kind of snipe at the edges of the wood.
  • Dust hose connection port is compatible to work with the web or dry vacuum cleaner to remove the tiny parties of sawdust from the workplace.
  • Comes with two years warranty.
  • Powerful motor that spins the cutter head 8500 times every minute.
  • Portable unit
  • There are downsides to the tool. However.
  • the advantages of using would overshadow its drawbacks.
  • It does not come with a stand.
  • and you have to make your stand.
  • Knob used to adjust the height is made using plastic material.
  • which results in breakage after multiple uses.
  • It is not suitable to use in the cramped shops.
  • You must bolt the surface to keep it stable.
  • Parts are of poor quality.

Who can use this product?

Wen 6550 is a perfect product to be used by any person who wants to upgrade their wood planer tool. It comes with impressive features to let you perform the woodworks at a brisk pace and smoothly.

There are times where the wood planer would not be attached to the workspace; this could lead to frustration while carrying out the work. However, when you use this model planer, you can do the job with ease. It has to be used by the people who are well-acquainted with the usage of the wood planer.

Be it you are a person who does woodwork during the weekend or a DIY user who makes use of this tool to make the furniture for home; this thickness planer is the perfect choice for you to buy and use regularly. It allows you to plane any kind of wood with ease.

If you want to plane the wooden plank, there is no other better tool using this model product. It also works on old pallets. If you are allergic to wood dust, you must wear a mask and eyewear while making the wood plane. However, when you buy this tool, you do not need to feel uncomfortable wearing the mask or eyewear while working.

The dust hose collection port will collect the dust and make your workspace a pleasant area for you to work. The port won’t let the dust to spread throughout the workshop and cause hindrance to the work. The tool will give a breath of fresh air to the people who are struggling with dust using their old tool.

If you want to save time while smoothing the planks or old pallets, you would like to use this tool. It reduces your efforts and time that you spend on planing the wooden boards. You can prepare the wood for the construction site or interior project at a brisk pace using this thickness planer. There is no problem that you would face using this tool.

How to use the Wen 6550 thickness planer tool?

The Wen 6550 is an efficient and perfect tool for professional woodworkers. You can also consider this as the next version of the wood planer, which comes with the best features that make the job of woodworkers and carpenters a piece of cake.

People who are using this tool for the first time would find it difficult to access. However, experienced woodworkers would like to work with this tool as it reduces their efforts to a greater extent.

You need to determine the kind of work you would be doing when you are using this tool. It works similar to that of the other wood planers that are available in the market. However, it comes with in-feed and out-feed tables, a tri-roller feeding system, and a rubber handle that is easy to adjust according to the wood with which you are working.

You can start to use the machine by adjusting all the required settings properly. You must check twice whether or not the settings of the machine are properly done to keep workplace accidents at bay. You need to set up the machine properly on the table before you start to work.

The wooden board must be placed on the surface and feed the wood to attain the proper smoothness and thickness that is required for your project.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Does it take a lot of time to assemble Wen 6550?

The best part of using this tool is that it does not consume much of your time to assemble this thickness planer. When you open the box, you would be happy to see the tool being installed mostly. All you have to do is to attach the dust chute, adjust the handle, and remove the packing that is from the planning area. You must screw the bolts to the base to keep the tool stable while working.

Can the new carpenters use Wen 6550?

It can be used by the carpenters who have been handling the similar kind of wood planer before. It allows them to handle the job of woodworking with ease. A few risks are using the tool. However, professionals can handle them better. When you follow the user manuals, it helps you to reduce the number of risks and reap optimal results.

Is it tough to change the blades in Wen 6550?

There is a blade locating pin that allows you to change the blade briskly. The locating pins will get worn out over time. It is also an indication that you must change the blades. It is easier for woodworkers to learn when it is time to change the blades without having to keep a close watch on it every day. If you do not change the blade when it is worn out, then it becomes difficult for you to plane the wood.

How can you choose the best thickness planer?

There are various factors you must consider when you are planning to buy the best thickness planer for doing your woodwork smoothly and efficiently. These include:

Thickness capacity
You need to consider the thickness capacity of the planer. You must buy the machine that comes with the good depth which allows you to cut the wood with which you usually work.

Size of the planer

It is another crucial factor you must consider when you are thinking of buying the thickness planer—the work you do determine the planer size you would need to cut the wood.


The power of the motor would determine the depth and width of the wood you can cut using the thickness planer. The powerful WEN 6550 is best for you to make the wood smooth up to the thickness you want with ease. It suits for workshops.

Besides this, you also need to consider other factors such as blades, the amount of noise that is produced, and dust collection ports. These all make the job of a carpenter a breeze.

Why do you need Wen 6550?

If you want to attain the superior quality of woodwork, you must buy this model planer. It allows you to plane all types of woods to the desired thickness in a short time. It makes the work highly effective and let you do the job efficiently. It uses less power to perform the smoothening job of wood and is perfect for cutting different materials.


Many people would not give priority to buy Wen products due to their affordable prices. If you want to save big on the woodworking tools, then this tool is an ideal option for you to buy. It works like a high-end product, although the cost is nominal. It has all the features that are required for you to smooth all types of woods. The best feature of this tool is the rubber grip available on the knob for adjusting the cutting depth without letting the slick hands slide off. The grips will keep your hands safe and away from getting in contact with electrical components. It works efficiently with the feed rate of 26 minutes and cuts 18000 times every minute. The weight is less and is easy to carry anywhere. It fits in the budget of a professional or DIY user.

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