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WEN 6550 vs 6552: Which Is Better For Your Needs?

Although planers are not the first tools to buy in your workshop, they do add a certain aspect of professionalism when used. With a planer, you can manage to create wood that’s all of the same size, thickness, and smoothness. 

You see, the main object of planers is for you to avoid having to pay the hefty price tag of pre-cut wood in hardware stores and manage to restore old wood and take advantage of every piece you could find. You could find such woodblocks anywhere and change them into whatever you need for no money whatsoever. 

Yet, how do you pick the perfect planer for you? That’s what we are going to discuss

Short Answer:

If you want a fully-rugged, higher yield planer, then go for the WEN 6552

However, if you are ready to sacrifice the high production for a granite table and a lower price then certainly go for the WEN 6550.

However, both products have perfect packaging. The box is in great shape, nothing was injured during the delivery process, and everything looked top-notch. Yes, you should not choose a product for its packaging, yet, it would be devastating to receive it broken. 

WEN 6550 vs WEN 6552 – Full Comparison

1. Weight

Weight is an essential factor when choosing a power tool that you’re going to take on the go with you. So, we need to find the balance between a good weighted device that will stay in place and do its job properly while maintaining your ability to carry it and take it to the job site to get the job done. 

The winner at this point is WEN6552 with a slight difference, where it weighs 66 pounds while the 6550 weighs 70 pounds.

Winner: WEN 6552

2. Motor

They both have the same installed motor of 15 amps, which is quite strong for this class of devices as it comes with more affordable prices than other power tools of the same category.

Winner: Tie

3. Power

The motor in each one of them can generate a very high RPM and consequently, a very high CPM. 

CPM equals the number of blades multiplied by the RPM, that’s why the winner at this point must be WEN6552 at 25,500 CPM due to the three-blade system, while the runner up, WEN6550, stops at 17,000 CPM as it has only two blades.

Winner: WEN 6652

4. Build

For a device that will take such huge loads of work plus a lot of pressure, you will need something that is built to last. Strong foundation and an even stronger finish are the keys to making such power tools, so you cannot go cheap on anything here. 

That’s why this point has to go to WEN 6552 as it has a triple-roller system that aids the user in re-inserting the wood for its next planning session, while WEN 6550 has a single roller system which can prove to be tricky. 

Another thing is that WEN 6550 has plastic depth of adjustment knobs, which can lose teeth over time and therefore make for an uneven thickness that beats the whole point of this device.

Winner: WEN 6552

5. Blade Design

Blades are critical here as they are the guy running the show. That’s why WEN 6552 must take this point as it offers a three-blade system that makes for a smoother finish and a higher CPM. 

One more thing about the three-blade system on WEN 6552 is that they are reversible, so after one side goes soft, you can flip the blade to the other side and simply double the lifespan.

On the contrary, WEN 6550 offers only a double-blade system, which is not bad for the price tag. However, it will not give you the same finish. 

Winner: WEN 6552

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6. Board Dimensions 

These tools are designed to change any piece of wood into smooth, usable woods that can be tailored to your own specific needs. Consequently, the bigger, the merrier; therefore, this point goes to WEN 6552 for taking boards up to 13 inches in width and thickness of 6 inches. 

While WEN 6550 can only manage boards with a width of 12.5 inches, it handles the same thickness of 6 inches.

Winner: WEN 6552

7. Dust Removal

Both tools sport the same fan-assisted dust removal system, which means that your workstation remains clean at all times. You can attach any vacuum system to the dust removal port so that you can ensure an even easier post-job cleanup process.

Winner: Tie

8. Table

The table that comes with such a rugged power tool must be a diamond-cut last because it will bear the brunt of all the work. That’s why this point has to go to the WEN 6550 for bringing in a granite working table, which is extremely durable and comfortable to work with. 

On the other side, WEN 6552 brings in your everyday ironclad working table, which is not bad. However, it is still not as good as granite.

Winner: WEN 6550

9. Infeed/Outfeed

When you’re working with large blocks of wood, and when you have to re-insert the same block several times in order to reach the required results, comfortable and practical infeed and outfeed tables are an unmissable blessing. 

Both WEN 6550 and WEN 6552 have adjustable height for the infield/outfield tables, which makes it a lot easier for you to set them at a comfortable height at which you can work.

Winner: Tie

WEN 6550 vs WEN 6552 – Pros and Cons:

WEN 6550:

wen 6550
  • Granite table top
  • Ironclad case
  • Lower price
  • Occasional snipe
  • Needs a spacious workshop
  • Plastic depth of adjustment knobs
  • Only two blades
  • Heavier
  • Double roller-system

WEN 6552:

WEN 6552
  • Three-blade system
  • Higher stoke capacity
  • Lighter
  • Triple-roller system
  • Does not require a professional
  • Ironclad tabletop
  • Pricier

Final Thoughts

In the end, as mentioned before, planers are not the tools to start with when creating your own workshop. They become significant and pretty useful later on when you’ve gained a certain level of experience.

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